Easeloan app Review, is easeloan App legit or scam? real or fake?

Easeloan app Review, is easeloan App legit or scam? real or fake?
We have confirmed this app, this app is not scam, and it is said to be one of the best loan App ever.

Why this app is not scam:
1: Trusted by over 700 people: so far this app has scored high popularity, trusted by more than five hundred users, we have tested this app in many ways but didn't find any fault to call it a scam, almost 98% people reported this app to be the best. Our duty is to give you the best and protect you from falling victim of scam.

Now looking at this very app called Easeloan, we have reviewed this app in many ways and confirmed, and all we can say to you right now about it is that it's safe.
We also gathered some informations from it users and none of them reported this app as a scam app.

Why we are afraid of this app:
1: New App: this app is too new to be trusted at this time, we only trust apps that have exist for over two years, exposing personal information to this app could be risky. This app was released on August 5th 2022.

All we can say right now is that this app is legit and not scam, we also gathered some informations from other users and confirmed. It is our duty to protect you from online scammers, we are always monitoring this app to see if it has change, and will update this page immediately to get you informed anytime the app start misbehaving, so do well to check this page back once in a while. 
Our biggest advice is that you should always try to pay back your loan before due date. 

About this App:
If you're just reading and don't have much idea about this app called Easeloan. 
Easeloan is a mobile app that is currently available in Nigeria only, it is an app that gives loans to is users upto 500,000 naira. 

App info:
Version:  1.1.0 best for Android 4.4 upward. 
Released date: August 5th 2022.