Enjoy loan App Review, is Enjoy loan app legit or scam? (see more)

Enjoy loan App Review, is Enjoy loan app legit or scam?
Enjoy loan App is legit and safe, we have tested this app in many ways, below are some reasons why we choose to mark it as a legit app.

1: Trusted by over 500 people:
This is one of the best loan App, many users reported this app as the best, that it is working and satisfying them. Tested and trusted, this is the type of app everyone have been looking for so far, it is an application that can help you in time of need.
Though nowadays everyone are afraid of anything that has to do with money and collecting personal information. But we strongly believe that this is not a type of app to be afraid of, because we have run some test on the app and all we can tell you right now is that the app is OK.

Why we are afraid of this App:
1: Too new: we are in fear about this app because it is new and not yet upto 2years in existence. We can not trust this app at this time, we very well know that some apps like this ends up scamming users.
This app was released on September 29th 2022. 

This app may request for your personal information like debit card, ID card and many others, you can only give out to it if you trust it, know that some of those things it request from you are for identity verification purposes. 
Giving out your personal information to apps you don't trust could be risky. 
But all we can say about this app right now is that it is safe because no one has been reportedly scammed by this app. 
We have gathered information from some of it users and confirmed, this app is not scam for now. Our biggest advice is that you always pay your loans on time to avoid embarrassment from it customer service, owing them is putting their business at risk. 
You may still find some things that are similar to scam on the App, contact their customer service if any. 

App info:
Version: 1.0.1. Best for Android 5.0 upward. 
Released date: 29th September 2022.
Name: Enjoy Loan.

About this App:
If you're just reading but have less idea about this app. 
Enjoy loan is an application that was released since 2022, it is an app that is currently available in Nigeria, it mainly focuses on giving out loans to people up to 600,000 naira loans depending on your credit score. 
You can get loans amount starting from 1,000 naira.
You can find this app on Google playstore or any other app store you know.