Etim social Review, is Etim social legit or fake? (see more)

Etim has revolutionized the world of social media by creating a unique platform that not only provides an opportunity for users to share what they love with the community but also rewards them for their active participation. This app has gained immense popularity among social media enthusiasts in Nigeria as it allows them to earn points simply by performing various actions such as posting videos, liking posts, viewing videos, and even spinning a wheel.

The app was launched in April 2021 and since then, it has undergone several updates, the latest one being on 19th March 2023. The developers of Etimsocial have made it their priority to constantly improve the user experience by making the app more user-friendly and easy to navigate.

One of the most appealing features of Etimsocial is its ability to reward users for their efforts. With earnings ranging from 1 point upwards, users can upload their posts and watch their earnings grow daily. This is a great incentive for those who love to share their experiences, opinions, and ideas on social media.

Moreover, Etimsocial has created a platform that promotes the sharing of diverse content, making it a unique social media experience. Users can explore and discover new topics and perspectives, engage with like-minded individuals, and broaden their knowledge while earning points for their participation.

Ways to earn money on Etimsocial:

There are various ways you can earn from Etimsocial, Although the earnings may not be much, but gradually you can achieve something. When you first join Etimsocial by signing up as a New user, you will be credited with 100 points new user reward. Of course that is just to welcome you to the community and to help you start your earning journey on the platform.

1: Posting videos:

This is the highest paying opportunity on Etimsocial, You can earn 50 points per video you successfully upload to the app. The downside of this is that you can not post video that it duration is longer than one minute and the video size must not be bigger than 10mb. 
This will be somehow difficult to upload videos to the app anytime. Of course this is the downside of Etimsocial compared to other platforms.
Currently, no one can tell if posting of copyright videos are supported on Etimsocial. But anyhow, Make sure all videos you post to the community are copyright free.
Like already said, you will be credited with 50 points each time you upload video successfully to the app. So if you be able to upload up to 2 videos daily, it means you will earn 100 points daily just for sharing videos. But however, the earnings does not stop there. 

• You will also earn up to 1 point per video view; each time someone view your videos you will be credited with 1 points. So how do you think if you have up to 1,000 people viewing your videos daily?
This is a big opportunity to earn extra cash in the pocket online if you dedicate yourself to it.

2: Viewing Other people's videos:

This is one of the options to earn on Etimsocial, even if you don't post your own videos, you have the opportunity to earn up to 10 points everytime you click to watch videos posted by others. This is something really good especially as the videos are not long, they are just one minute videos. But of course, the earnings are not that much, but it is a great choice for those who love watching videos for fun especially when the videos are funny. So you can really have fun watching videos and still get paid at the same time.

3: Downloading videos:

Etimsocial gives users the opportunity to earn up to 5 points when they download things they love. There are many videos on the platform that you may like, so while downloading things that interest you, you also have the chance to get paid at the same time.
Unlike other social media platform which blocks users from downloading other people's contents, on Etimsocial you can download anything that seem good to you. There are many short and funny videos on the app, so you have the opportunity to download the ones of your choice to watch offline and still get paid at the same time.

4: Post Images:

For those who can create memes, this would be an opportunity to earn extra cash, the number of points you can earn per photo are probably not limited. You will earn up to 5 points per photo you successfully uploaded to the community. If you can upload up to 5 photos daily, it means you will earn 25 points.
But the earnings does not stop there;

• You also have the chance to earn up to 1 point each time your photo get view. So, this is something great for those who have the skills of creating things others loves.

One thing you should note is that while we were going through the app, we did not find any option to post image. All we found were option to post videos and option to post text. But no one can tell if posting of photos is only available for some members.

5: Download images:

Even if you can not post photos for others to see, of course you still have the chances to earn up to 5 points each time you download pictures. This is something so great as you will get paid to do things you normally do on other social media platforms without receiving any reward. 

• But, however, it does not stop there, you also have the chances to earn extra point when you show some reactions to other people pictures, you can earn up to 1 point when you like photos of the app. This will not only benefit you, but it will also encourage the author of the post to put more effort.

Other ways you can earn extra points on the Etimsocial.

• Post your GIF and earn instant 5 points.
• When your GIF is viewed by others you earn 1 point per view.

• Download other people's GIF, you will earn instant 2 points.
• Like other people's GIF, you will earn 1 point.

• Post quote and earn instant 10 points.
• When your quote in viewed, you earn 1 points per view.

• Like other people's quote and earn 1 point per like.

Of course, those are the available ways to earn extra cash on Etimsocial. Etimsocial is way more than a social media platform to earn extra cash on the side, but it is also a platform you can actually enjoy short videos. So you may choose not to join the platform with the intention of earning, but just for fun. There are many short new videos you may like. So you get paid to do things you love and enjoy.

Can you earn up to ₦2,000 ($2) daily from Etimsocial?

Probably, yes but it is Impossible, infact to earn up to $1 (₦1,000) daily from the app is also somehow impossible too except you have posted more videos and your videos get many daily views, other than this, there is no possible way.
One important thing you should know is that Etimsocial is not a platform you can earn money and become rich. It is just a platform to earn extra cash on the side. If you are planning to join in order to earn big money daily am sure you will feel disappointed when you discover that the earnings can't get you off your as-s.
But despite not a get-rich scheme platform, Etimsocial is counted among the top social media platform in Nigeria that rewards users for their time and data. All you need is more effort, post more videos and gradually you will actually get there.

How to withdraw from Etimsocial:

To withdraw from Etimsocial you will need to earn and reach at least 10,000 points which is equivalent to $1. The platform offers different withdrawal options and it currently seems to support withdrawal to other countries. With this current version of Etimsocial, when you want to withdraw your funds, you will have to click on the Settings icon at the top of your account homepage and navigate to "Etim coins wallet" From there you can see where to request your payment and follow the on-screen prompt to complete your application. But it's sad that we currently can't provide you with full details about Etimsocial withdrawal, but as time goes on we will keep on updating this page to give you with the right information you deserve. we apologize for the inconveniences caused.

Who can join Etimsocial?

Etimsocial does not have any age restriction, this simply means that anyone can create an account and start using Etimsocial. Currently we can not tell if Etimsocial has restricted some countries from using the platform, however, you will have to check on the registration page when you want to sign up to see if it is available in your country. But we really apologize for not being able to give you this information, keep in mind that we will be working hard to fetch this information as soon as possible. Etimsocial is a Nigerian social media platform, this simply means that anyone in Nigeria can create an account and start using Etimsocial.

Is Etimsocial safe to use? 

When it comes to do with safety, of course Etimsocial is safe to install on your device and use. There was no information found that shows that the app is not safe for users. The app is user-friendly and safe to use, this current version of Etimsocial is very user-friendly and also easy to navigate and find anything available on the app with high loading speed. The app is safe for your device and does not steal your personal information.

Is Etimsocial legit or a scam app that is not paying:

Etimsocial is not a scam app currently, and you can earn and also redeem your earnings as far as you manage to reach the withdrawal threshold. But there are other things you may encounter that are similar to scam on the app. If you are going to the app in order to earn points, we advice you to always request a payout each time you hit the minimum withdrawal threshold which is 10,000 points (1$).

Why do we say so? This is because each time the app receives update, it always comes with wiping out user's accounts, this simply means that your account and all the things in your Etimsocial account are not safe and you can lose them all at anytime the app receive update. Each time there is update on the app, you may get to discover that your account is no longer available and the app will keep telling you that your email address is not registered. This is something that has been happening since the launched of Etimsocial.

We have seen many complains from users about this particular problem and many have lose their hard earned points already, so don't let it happen to you. Make sure to cash out all your earnings each time you hit the withdrawal threshold without waiting until you have earned millions.