Review, is legit or scam? Review, is legit or scam?
Nairaex is legit and not scam, we have confirmed this site and all we can tell you is it's safe. Below are things you need to know before going to trade your crypto with this site.

1: They hide their whois identity:
This site is safe, but we're afraid because we discovered that their domain registration identities are hidden. As a business site, all information about them are suppose to be transparent in order to gain the trust of their customers, trying to hide their website identity is a kick to their business. 

No verified physical address found.
This site does not have a verified office address that you can reach out to if you encounter any problem, keep this in mind, this simply means that if you need any help that has to do with going to their office, you won't be able to.

Other things you should know:
1: No mobile application:
This website doesn't have an app, trading could be little difficult for users and may consume more data and cause device to overheat. So if you're planning to use this website just keep it in mind that there is no App for this site to make your experience better. 
2: Request for your identity card and bank account information:
This could be risky and may expose your identity to other third-party. 
Since this site keep their website identity hidden, then why should they ask for users identity information? On our research about this website we were unable to gather any information about it because it was hidden by an admin who registered it, so beware, this site is suppose to be clear and transparent like other sites, but we are afraid to know that their identity are hidden. 

Know that the identity information this site request from you is for verification purposes, and you can only agree if you trust them. It should be under your agreement to expose your true identity so that you face the risk alone incase of anything. 
We can't fully guarantee you that this site is safe, all we know is that the site has been in existence for more than 2 years, that's why we mark it as a safe site. 
Know that years back there were sites like this and today they're no more. So play wisely and use your eye to guide your funds. 
We don't have more things to tell you than this, if you have any other thing you need to know, just scroll down and drop your comments and if possible we will reply you. 
We will update this page immediately to get you informed about any changes on the website, so do well to visit this page once in a while because we're always keeping an eye on the site and will update this page immediately if we find anything suspicious.

About Nairaex:
This is for you that is just reading but have less idea about this article.
Nairaex is a cryptocurrency website that allows users to buy, sell and exchange crypto coin like bitcoin, usdt, Eth and more, according to our research, the site is more than a year in existence. No more information were exposed about the site, if they were exposed we would have also exposed them here if possible, though we also care about others privacy and may not expose.
To learn more about this site, type in to your browser ( ) and visit the site to learn more or sign up.