Okilo App Review, is Okilo loan App legit or scam? (see more)

Okilo App Review, is Okilo loan App legit or scam?

Highlight: Many people reported this app as a scam app, below are the main reasons why many people call this app a scam app. 

Here we are going to drop different types of informations we gathered about this app called Okilo cash and from there you will be able to decide if to work with it or not. 

What people say about Okilo cash loan app.
Many people reported that this app is not to be trusted, normally a loan app is supposed to be the most truthful app in order to gain more customers and also the attention/trust of it users, but we recently discovered that this app is very far from truth, and it is putting a lot of it users at risk.
We recently discovered that this app is a type of app that can't give a normal amount of loan request to it users, example: if you request for a loan of 10,000 naira, this app might send you 5,000 instead of complete 10,000 naira but it will expect you to pay back complete 10,000 you requested with profits. 
This is one of the main reason why many people are far away from this app.

Other things to know about this app.
1: New App... If you're planning to use this app, just know that it is a new app and we can't guarantee you that this app is safe for now. 
This app was released on the 24th of September 2022.
All we can say to you about this app right now is that we do not always trust new apps. Because before we guarantee you that any app is safe we always make sure that the app is up to a year plus in existence. We have run some check on this very app and discovered that it is a very new app that is not yet up to a year. 

2: poor customer support... 
Okilo cash app is an application that has a very poor customer support, the app provides a customer support phone number and an email address, but it is so sorrowful that you will never receive a reply if you try to contact them through any of their customer support details. 
So this simply means that if you face any issue on the app there will be no one to assist you, just you and the app. 

3: Not available on any social media. 
We also discovered that the company that owns this app is not available on any social media network like other loan companies, this is to inform you, because it seams like the owners of this app are trying to hide their identity. 

About this app:
If you are just reading but have less idea about this app. Okilo cash is a mobile application that is currently available in Nigeria, it is an application that allows it users to receive loans up to 100,000 naira. 

We have written out some keys and every necessary things you needed to know about this app, we do not have the authority to condemn an App, the points here have tell you already what this app is up to and it is now left for you to decide if to use the app or not. 
Our main advice right now is to check this page once in a while to see if this app has change, we are always doing our best to give you the best you deserves, and we will update this page immediately to inform you if we find anything negative about this very app. If there is any other information you need from us please scroll down and drop your comment and we will be proud to reply you if possible. 

App info:
Name: Okilo cash
Version: 2.0 best for Android 5.1 upward. 
Released date: 24th September 2022.