Opera mini browser VS Phoenix browser. which is the best?
Now let's begin the comparison, Phoenix is better in it own way and also Opera is better in it own way, but we really need to know which is the best, we really need to know which one feature things most, which one browses faster, and which one downloads faster.

In this article, we are going to compare Phoenix browser and Opera browser, we are going to move from step to step to look into each of them and at the end decide which is the best.
Let's start with Phoenix browser... 

Phoenix Browser:
So far Phoenix is counted to be one of the world's best browser, this browser is super fast, it features many things that can make your browsing experience a good one. 

Now let's see the version history of Phoenix browser. - Jul 6th, 2022 - Jul 5th, 2022 - Jun 24th, 2022 - Jun 21st, 2022 - Jun 19th, 2022 - Jun 7th, 2022 - Jun 6th, 2022 - Jun 1st, 2022 - May 24th, 2022 - May 20th, 2022 - May 17th, 2022 - May 16th, 2022 - May 13th, 2022

We are highly disappointed about this very new version of Phoenix, it has turn this app to a nightmare for some low Ram devices as it is no longer supporting or working properly. The developers of this app need to consider and if possible remove some features from the app to help us who uses low or old versions devices. 
Installing this latest version of Phoenix browser on Android 5.0 version is like installing a bunch of slow motion to it system. This app is no more supporting old version smartphones like 5.0 to 7.0 almost to 8.
If you force install, it will definitely slow down your device system and may even damage some of it function. 

Though we love this latest version, the new features off the app make it like a home, it even feature where to buy airtime, wow, that's absolutely amazing. 
We are not against the latest version, but it's like the developers are trying to kick us who uses old versions devices out of the app.

Opera mini browser:
Opara mini browser was once called the best browser, but right now we are highly disappointed about this new version of the App, What is really going?
This app has turn to a terrible nightmare as it is no longer to be called a browser. It crashes from head to toe, installing this app on Android 7.0 - 1GB ram is like a waste of mobile data. This app is no longer browsing, opening links to visit a website the app crashes halfway and kicks out of it. 
We are really begging the developers to work deeply on this app or else many users will be gone. 

Not only that, Opera mini lack many features, though we are proud because it is very good at popping adverts and giving better quality news, but the developers should work on this app to help restore the ability of this app back, because this app is no longer active properly on some devices, though it may work better on higher versions devices. 

Version history of Opera mini browser:

66.0.2254.63894 - Nov 12th, 2022
65.2.2254.63594 - Oct 26th, 2022
65.1.2254.63284 - Oct 6th, 2022
65.0.2254.63211- Sep 27th, 2022
65.0.2254.63164 - Sep 24th, 2022
65.0.2254.63359 - Oct 27th, 2022
65.0.2254.63358 - Oct 24th, 2022
65.1.2254.63284 - Oct 24th, 2022
65.0.2254.63211 - Nov 8th, 2022
64.0.2254.62635 - Aug 8th, 2022
64.0.2254.62526 - Jul 22nd, 2022
64.0.2254.62635 - Sep 5th, 2022
63.0.2254.62069 - Jun 10th, 2022
63.0.2254.61942- Jun 1st, 2022
63.0.2254.62316 - Jul 6th, 2022
63.0.2254.62301 - Jul 23th, 2022
63.0.2254.62299 - Jul 7th, 2022
63.0.2254.62297- Jul 9th, 2022
63.0.2254.62069 - Aug 23th, 2022
62.5.2254.61243 - Apr 8th, 2022

The latest version of this app which was updated on November 12th 2022 turn this app upside down, it is no more able to reach some sites before crashing, slows down and makes users experience so bad. The developers of this app need to fix this app and add more features to it because the app lack almost ten important things. 

Opera mini VS Phoenix
We will only decide the best according to things they feature. 
Looking at opera mini, we recently discussed about it, that it lack many features and needs to be fixed. 
Things opera mini feature:
We can't really see important features in this app except crypto wallet, free daily 50mb data and Ads blocker. Though we really appreciate it for the free browsing data. 
Testing it ads blocker, all we can say is, it is totally fake because the ads blocker blocks nothing, trying to visit some websites, and some annoying pop up adverts almost spoiled my day, and is this browser still calling itself ads blocker? It is totally fake because the app itself is full of sponsored ads. 

Things Phoenix feature:
1: file manager:
This browser is super awesome, it almost features every necessary things to help support and make all devices works better. 
Not only that, we have seen pdf reader, we have seen phone booster, we have seen video player, we have seen music player, we have seen Zip codes manager, we have seen free VPN and many others. And the last feature added to it make the app almost the best, look at where to buy airtime and data, pay bills and so on. 
Through this app, you can easily install a theme on any website which is very impossible in other browsers. And we have also seen ads blocker, but all we can say about Phoenix ads blocker is that it is totally fake because the app fails to block Google ads, Phoenix ads blocker is deceiving us, it can't block any. 

No need to argue anymore, we are proud to declare Phoenix browser as the best and Opera is not to be compared with Phoenix, we have tested many browsers and none is like Phoenix, the only last thing we need from it is desktop mode, if it be added, it will make Phoenix the best of all browsers. 
As for Opera, it need some upgrades, the developers need to upgrade this app and fix in many important functions, this app lack almost 100% important things, opera need high attention, the app is no longer able to visit some websites, we have tested and confirmed, the app crashes halfway and returns to homescreen while trying to visit a site, this issue need to be fixed or else it will lost many active users.