Opay app Review, is Opay app legit or scam? (see more)

Opay app Review, is Opay app legit or scam...

Highlight opay app is legit but in some parts we could say it is a scam app for some minor reasons. 

In this article today, we are going to take you through some steps to show you if opay app is legit or scam because we believe that it is the reason why you are here.
We are going to take you step by step to reveal everything you need to know about Opay app and all the information related to opay app.
The most popular mistakes people often do is taking action without knowing the truth behind the action they want to take. That simply means that you have taken the right decision for trying to find our if opay app is legit or scam. 

why opay app is legit...
There are many reasons why we choose to say that opay app is legit and not scam, and below are some reasons:

1: Old and popular...
We can at this time tell you that opay app is legit and not scam because the app has been in existence for over three years, there is no scam mobile app that would exist for over a year, most scam apps don't last up to five months before crashing. So for this app to exist for over a year shows that it is safe for anyone in Nigeria to make use of. 
Not only that, the opay company is one of the most popular and well-known banking company in Nigeria, in fact no one is suppose to think anything negative about opay app because the company that owns this app is popular everywhere in Nigeria. 
The opay ATM machines are used by many pos agents all over Nigeria, so this only shows that opay is a real business company the same with their mobile App. 

Why people call opay app a scam app... 
There are many reasons why some people do suspect this app to be a scam app and refuses to save their money with it. Though opay app is legit, but the bad behavior of the app is not to be tampered with. 

1: Deceives users... 
This is why you can never convince some people that opay app is legit, the app is full of many deceptive information, including me the author of this article, I was once deceived to deposit from 1k to the app in order to receive 800 naira welcome reward as a new user. But after I deposited the 1k, there was no reward given to me, so this is one of the reasons why some people ends up uninstalling the app after being deceived. 
The main second reasons why some people thinks that the app is a scam app is about referral commission. This app never pays it users their referral commissions but tells them to refer and earn 800 naira per person. This is a very bad habit from this app and for this reason we could call it a scam app. Many new users ends up wasting time to refer in order to earn referral commissions but at the end the app pays them nothing. 

We believe that the main reason why you are here is to learn everything about opay app before you start using it. So as a new user, if you are going because of it referral program, just withdraw yourself because the app will never pay you any referral commission. 
Many new users often make a deposit to the app because the app tells them to deposit in order to receive a new user reward. We have make a deep research about the app and even gathered some informations from other users and confirmed, and we can boldly tell you that the app will never pay you any 800 naira welcome reward, you might even see some post that you will receive up to 8,000 naira welcome reward, all are lies, even if you make a first time deposit of 1 million, the app will not give you any reward. 

Airtime and data Review: 
Among all the apps that sells airtime and data we could say that opay is the best, tested and trusted, you will never find any complain from users about airtime and data. I the author of this article, am very proud of opay app. When it comes to buying of airtime and data, it is fast and reliable, without any failure except your network connection is too low. 

Sending and receiving money:
This is one of the best part of opay app, when it comes to do with sending or receiving of money we rate opay app to be the best of all. Tested and trusted and many people are really proud of it. You can use opay app to send money to any bank in Nigeria and also receive from any bank in Nigeria, very fast and reliable. 

About opay app:
Maybe you are just reading but don't have much idea about opay app. Let's take you step by step to give you clear information about opay app. 

Opay app is a Nigeria banking mobile app that was launched since June 8 2018.
It is one of the most reliable banking system that can help you transfer money to any bank in Nigeria for free and in a very fast and easy way. 
Below are things you can benefit from the app. 

1: Receive money and transfer money to any bank in Nigeria without any charges. 
2: buy airtime and Data and earn cashback rewards, you can earn 3 naira reward for every 100 naira airtime you purchase, 6 naira for 200 Naira airtime you purchase and so on. The cashback rewards you earn is real money and not fake, you can only use the cashback to buy airtime and can not be cash-out directly. 
3: save and earn annual interest. You can earn up to 27% per annum when you save your money with opay, it is safe and secured because opay app is legit. 
There are many other things you could benefit from the app and we can't list them out here. 

At this time all we can tell you is that opay app is legit and not scam, opay is a big and popular company and the same with their app, though since we are not the owner of the app, we can't guarantee you that the app is perfectly safe. You may still find some things that are similar to scam on the app, please know that we are not trying to condemn the app and the same thing as we are not trying to convince you to use the app. We have try all our best to give you the necessary information you needed and every action you take on the app is at your own risk as we will not be responsible for anything, you can visit our disclaimer page to learn more about us. 

App info:
Name: Opay. 
Version: works better with Android 5.0 and above. 
Releasd Date: June 8 2018. 
App size: 26.15 MB