99 cattle app review, is 99 cattle app legit or scam? (see more)

99 cattle app review, is 99 cattle app legit or scam?
This app is a scam app, below are reasons why it is flagged as a scam.

1: Clone of other Scam apps:
We can't trust this app right now, on our reviewing the app we discovered that this app look exactly with other past apps that scammed users.
There were other apps that scammed users hard earned, and some were known as: smart shop,  fortuneretailpro,  smart farm  and many others that are no more today.

2: Not a registered app:
If you're planning to invest your money in this platform just have it in mind that it is not a registered platform and you should also be ready to face anything you will go through on the app.
We are not discouraging you, but the truth must be told.

About this app:
99 cow is an investment platform that promise to allow users earn upto 500,000 naira daily profits depending on the amount invested.
You can earn up to 500,000 naira daily when you invest your money.
The minimum to invest is 500 naira which can only be once, valid for one day. 500 naira generate you a profit of 90 naira. 

Invest 50,000 naira to earn daily profit of 3500 naira valid for 90 days. 
Invest 75,000 naira to earn daily profit of 6,000 naira valid for 90 days. 
Invest 100,000 naira to earn daily profits of 9,000 naira valid for 90 days. And many others. 

This platform claim to allow it users invest in cows, it could sound funny. 
It also offers some affiliate programs which enables it users to refer and earn rewards. 

Important things you should know:
1: you are planning to invest in this platform just have this at the back of your mind. 
The money you deposit cannot be cash out directly until you invest it, the same with all the rewards you will earn from the platform like; referral rewards and others. 
So you should know the amount you want to invest and the amount you should deposit to avoid tears. 

2: know that immediately you select an investment plan to start investing, you won't be able to withdraw your earnings until the validation date expires. 
There are some investment plan that lock funds for 90 days. That simply means that you won't be able to withdraw your daily income until the 90 days are over. 

This platform promise users high daily invest returns, from this point you should be able to know if the platform is legit or scam. 
We are not discouraging anyone from investing with this app, no one will be responsible for any lost. Running a ponzi scheme is like betting, while winning you should also be ready to lose. 

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App info:
Name: 99 cattle. 
Version: 6.0.6
Released Date: 24th November 2022.