Afrisight Review, is real or fake, legit or scam?

Afrisight Review, is real or fake, legit or scam? is real and not fake. 
By far the best survey site to earn cool cash rewards. 
On afrisight, you can earn upto $2 to $6 daily without stress. 

You get to answer questions without consuming much of your time and data. 

Why is not fake:

1: paying users: 

We have reviewed this survey platform completely. Now what do you expect to hear from us? Scam or not scam? Real or not real? 

Afrisight is 100% real and not fake. So far the platform has been reportedly paid out thousands of dollars to it users. 
For more than six years, Afrisight has been a reliable source of little income to people who are interested in earning little cash online. 

Many users reported this platform as one of the reliable survey site to earn little cash without stress. 
You don't need much data to perform surveys and you don't need 5 hours to perform surveys and earn rewards. 
We have seen the testimonies from users on how they got paid cash rewards. 
This shows how reliable is. 

2: More than 5 years in existence:

For more than 5 years Afrisight has been a reliable source of cool cash rewards for survey lovers. There are many survey apps and websites out there that collect data from users without paying, but for afrisight, you get paid for your little opinion. 
This survey site has been over 5 years in existence, so for this reason we can no longer say it is scam, because if it were scam it won't exist uptill today. 

The domain name known as was created since October 8th 2017.
Do you still call this a scam? Know that most scam websites and apps don't last up to a year. 

Why people call a scam platform. 

It recently came to our notice that many people are claiming that afrisight is a scam. 
During our investigation to find out the main reason of the alarm, we discovered a little minor something. 

As a user of this website, have it in mind that is a real survey site, and they're only after the opinion you give about something. 
The main reasons why many people claims that afrisight is a scam are because they are new. 

As a new user, have it in mind that Afrisight is not a survey website that you can have access to survey 24/7.

There are times you can get surveys, that is when an about to be established company or group of people launch campaigns to gather more ideas from people in order to help improve their products and services. So during this time, you can earn upto $2 per survey because the company is really interested in your opinion.

The main reasons why many people says that afrisight is a scam is because they sign up when there are no survey campaigns. 
When there is no survey, after signing up, the website will just give you a test by asking you one or two questions then at the end tell you thanks that you will be emailed when there is a survey campaign to participate. So many people don't really understand this and at the end they believe that the site is fake. 

Types of informations collect from you and why they're important. 

The informations afrisight collect from you might seems like nothing to you, but to them it means a great thing. When you sign up on Afrisight, you will be asked questions on the following topics:

1: Products and services:
2: Markets and companies:
3: Health and wellness:
4: people:
5: politics and governance.

Giving your opinions on those informations are things afrisight really wants from you, and those are the types of data they collect from you, not something else. 

Those informations help companies, governments, and other organizations to understand things people loves and helps companies understand how people feels about their products. 
Through this, it help companies improves their product, and the same with others. 
By agreeing to participate in the surveys, you fully agree for your opinions to be sold out because that's what they do. 
Know that afrisight doesn't request or sell your personal informations like passport and bank informations. 
The only thing they need from you is your opinions on products and services, and other things. 

Who can partake in Afrisight surveys? 

18 years and above.
To participate in afrisight surveys you must be 18 years and above, you might got eliminated if you claim that you are below the age of 18.

How do I know when there is a new survey campaign? 
As afrisight users who have successfully signed up and got email addresses verified. You just have to make sure that your email address is up and active because you will be emailed when there is a new survey. 

How do I redeem my earnings from website? 

There are many methods you can redeem your earnings. 

1: Through airtime or mobile data recharge:

2: through PayPal. 

3: withdraw to local banks. 

4: shopping voucher.
And many others. 
You can select any of the above methods to redeem your earnings.

Final word. 

Please know that we are not affiliate marketers and we are not trying to convince you to join afrisight. 
We only help protect our friends across the world from fraud and scam websites and apps. Hope you support us?

Know that if through these informations on our site you join, we will not be responsible for any you go through on the site.

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