Bigbig cash review, bigbig cash app real or scam? (see more)

Bigbig cash review, bigbig cash app real or scam?

There are many people out there looking for a legit way to earn at least $0.10 daily. There are many apps that are ready to pay real cash, all you need is to follow the instructions of the app in order to get paid.
This app called bigbig cash is another app that claim to allow it users earn and withdraw up to $1 per day.
If you are really interested to know if this app called bigbig cash is legit/paying, then you should look at the following.

1: Trusted by over 500,000 people. 
We can't say this app is scam because many people trust it. 
Over 100,000 people claims that this app is working and paying them, so for this reason we can't say it's scam. 
During our recent research to gather more informations about the app, we discovered that the number of user's trust for the app is very high. This is one of the reasons why we say that this app is safe and reliable. 

2: paying users for real.

Many users claimed of how reliable this app is, this information is really true, this app is paying for real, we believe this was the main thing that brought you to our site. To find out if the app is paying or not paying?
For sure this app is paying, we have seen and confirmed the testimonies from different users that the app is paying.

Know that we are the number one when it comes to reviews, and we always do our best to satisfy our readers with the best. We have high skills in reviewing any website or app and we can easily differentiate between the testimonies written by app/website agents and the one from the real user.
We can also differentiate between a paid to write testimony and a normal one from user.
For this very app, we guarantee you that it is paying for real.

What people say about this app.

1: hard to earn coins:
According to some users, using this app could be a total waste of time and data. 
Many people reported on how difficult it is to earn money from the app and at the end the money you spend on data will be far beyond the one you earn from the app. 
Have this in mind before going to use the app so that you won't end up regretting.

Other thing you should know:

1: There is withdrawal fee, know that if you withdraw like $1 from the app, you might not receive complete $1 in your wallet or bank account. 

About this app. 

Bigbig cash is an app that allows it users to earn coins that can be converted to real cash for withdrawal. 
You can earn upto 30,000 coins which is equal to $2.5 daily depending on how you work hard. 

How to earn money with this app. 

1: This is a type of app that sends it users to download other game apps, you get paid to download the game and you also get paid to play them. This way, you can easily earn more coins daily when you download games and play. 
2: you can also earn higher when you invite your friends to join the app, you can earn up to 30,000 coin when you refer a valid users to join. 

How to redeem earnings from the app:

To redeem earnings is very easy, you just need to login to your account, at the top right you will see a PayPal icon displayed, click on it, enter and choose your favorite payment gateway to redeem your earnings. 
According to the app, it might take 24 hours to 7days for coins to arrive. 


If you're a user of this app, we didn't find anything to use and flag this app as a scam app. Thought you might still find some things that are similar to scam on the app.

Know that we are not trying to promote this app and we are not trying to encourage anyone to join the app. Joining the app is at your own risk and we won't be responsible for any thing.