BTC miner app review, Btc miner app real or scam?

Btc miner is an application that claims to allow it users mine bitcoin and earn daily profits.
This is an application that claims to allow it users mine, earn and withdraw without any deposit and without any mining experience.
With this app, you can stay at home and earn bitcoin without investing your own money.
Now many people are asking if this app is legit or scam, if you're among those asking this kind of question, you should take a look at the following reasons why we say this is a scam app.

1: Poor daily earnings. 

This is an application that claims to allow it users mine and earn free bitcoin daily. 
We can not trust this app because the daily earnings looks so wired. 
You can earn up to: 0.0000000001 bitcoin every minute which is approximately: 0.0000086400 in 24 hours. 
With this app you can never earn up to $0.01 daily. If you can not earn up to that amount of money daily from the mining App, then can you please tell me what you're still mining?
This app is not to be trusted because no one has been reportedly withdrawn from the app. 
With it daily earnings it can take you up to 2 years before you can reach the minimum amount to withdraw from the app. 

2: High minimum withdrawal amount. 

The daily earnings from the app is 0.0000000001 and you can earn upto 0.0000086400 in 24 hours. 
Like I said before, with the daily earnings it might take you many months before you can even earn upto 2 dollars. 
The minimum withdrawal amount for this app is 2 bitcoin which is equal to 33,456.20 dollars. 

 (thirty three thousand, four hundred and fisty six point twenty us dollars) 

And to Nigeria naira it's equal to 14,889,055.50 Naira. 

(fourteen million, eight hundred and eighty nine thousand, and fifty-five point fifty naira)

So now, tell me who will pay you up to that amount of money if you're still wasting your time to install the app in your device.
Know that the app is monetized with ads and the owners of the app earn revenue from adverts you watch, do you think their daily earnings from adverts will produce up to that amount they set as minimum amount to withdraw from the app?

We are not condemning this app, it might work for you, though many people claimed that this app is legit, if you think it is legit for you then why not keep on mining your bitcoin?