Chipper Cash app Review, chipper cash legit or scam? Legal? (see more)

Chipper Cash app Review, chipper cash legit or scam?
Chipper cash app is one of the best online banking app that support more that 4 countries.
Chipper cash app is absolutely legit, legal and not scam, we have reviewed this app completely and can't find anything to use and accuse it. Below are the reasons why we say it is legit and legal.

1: Trusted by over one million users:
Many users reported of how reliable chipper cash is, this app is trusted by over a million users in over 5 countries.
So for this reason, we can't say this app is scam mainly because no one has been reportedly scammed.

2: well-known and popular:
Chipper Cash app is a well-known app that is available in over 5 countries, we can no longer call this app a scam app, because it is an application that is so transparent in many ways.
It you are planning to partner with this app, we think you should go ahead because during our recent research we didn't find anything to use and accuse or flag the app as scam.

3: over 4 years in existence:
Chipper Cash was released since early June 2018, we can no longer call this app a scam app, most scam apps don't last up to a year as we all know, so for this app to exist for over four years shows how legitimate it is.

What people say about chipper cash:
According to the information we gathered from it users, if you are planning to use this app, you should also be ready to face the following issues:

1: poor customer support:
Chipper Cash has been flagged with the label of poor customer support. 
Many users reported of how poor chipper Cash support service is, according to them, sending messages and mails to bots is way better than sending to chipper Cash support team because they may just view your message without giving you a reply to solve your problem.

2: Airtime and data failure:
Many users are in deep pain right now, many reported that chipper Cash is scam after purchasing airtime but the app keeps showing pending for days, we have confirmed this report to be true.
Chipper Cash developers need to work on their app in order to make user's experience better.

3: withdrawal issues:
Many users flagged chipper Cash as a scam app after trying to cashout their funds but the transaction failed and the funds were not refunded back to their wallet. We believe this error must be from the app system, the developers need to look forward to solve this error.

About chipper cash:
Chipper Cash is one of the popular online banking app that support more than five countries, it supports international payments and also supports sending and receiving money from local banks.

Things this app can do:
1: sell airtime and data:
You can buy your airtime and data at an affordable price and get up to 2% discount per airtime or data purchases.
2: send and receive money from local banks:
You can use the chipper cash app to send and receive money within your country without any bank charges, it totally free.
3: send and receive money internationally:
With chipper cash app, you can now order for your virtual card and use it to receive and send money to other countries.
There are many other things this app featured that are not listed here. 

How to sign up on chipper cash:
To create a new chipper Cash account for yourself you will first of all have to download the chipper Cash, install, open and click on create a new account. 
Fill in your personal details like phone number and email address, get your verification code to verify both your mobile number and email address. 

How to verify your chipper Cash account:

To verify your chipper Cash account you will have to login to your chipper Cash account. 
2: Click on the profile icon in your account, enter and scroll down to the bottom and click on "get verified"
3: click on  "begin verification" and follow the following instructions step by step. 
After clicking on begin verification  in the next page you will be asked to submit a short video of yourself, (make sure you're in a light and clear environment) After making a video of yourself, follow the screen instructions and submit your video for review. 
After submitting your video, you will return to the page where you will be asked to submit the photo of your you documents and ID card, you should submit it based on the country of your chipper Cash account. 
Make sure you are in a light and clear environment, and take a picture of your ID card completely. 

If you want to verify using your international passport, make sure you snap your biodata page showing your photo and passport number and follow other instructions. Once done click on submit, and the chipper Cash agent will review your request within 24 hours.

Is chipper Cash legal and licensed?
Chipper Cash is a very legal online banking company, the chipper Cash app is well designed to give users the best users friendly. 
Chipper Cash is popularly known company operating in over 6 countries, this simply shows how legal the company is. 

Countries that chipper Cash is operating in:
1: Nigeria. 
2: Ghana. 
3: Uganda. 
4: Tanzania. 
5: Rwanda. 
6: South Africa. 
7: United Kingdom. 
The above countries is just for now, Chipper cash may still expand their services to reach other countries in the future. 

How to earn from chipper cash:
Chipper Cash offer a referral program for users to refer and earn cash. 
As a chipper Cash verified user, you can now earn rewards by inviting others to join chipper Cash and earn rewards. 

To earn money from chipper Cash you will have to login to your chipper Cash account. 
2: Click on "Earn". 
3: click on "Invite friends" and share your referral link to people that have never use chipper Cash before. 

Note: to earn referral rewards from chipper Cash you must be a verified chipper Cash user and the person you invited must also be verified as well. 
To earn reward, the person you invited must fund his or her account and make a transfer to any chipper Cash user. The amount to send depends on your country of residence. 
He or she must send:  
UGX 2,500
GHS 5  
ZAR 0 
NGN 600
RWF 1000
GBP 1 
USD 25.

Chipper Cash contact details:
You can contact the chipper Cash support team at: 

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