Cstcmine review, cstcmine.com legit or scam?

These are things you need to consider first before investing your money into this platform.

Cstcmine is a Nigerian investment platform that claims users can invest and withdraw up to 200,000 naira daily.
This is an investment platform that claims users can invest and earn up to big amounts of Naira without stress.
That simply means you don't need to struggle to get daily profits as the app will solve everything for you, all you need is sit back and watch your money boom!

This platform claims to be legit but how can you really know if it's truly legit? 
Hey, before making a decision of investing your money with this platform take a look at the following. 

1: High daily investment returns. 

This platform claims users can earn big daily, according to the platform, you can earn upto 20,000 naira as a daily investment profits, your daily earnings depends on your invested amount. The bigger the amount you invest the bigger you earn daily. 
So do you trust this site? Do you think the platform will get such amounts of money to pay user's forever? 

Investment plan. 

Invest 22,000 naira to earn daily profits of 860 naira, valid for 50 days. 

Invest 15,000 naira to earn daily profits of 600 naira - plan is valid for 50 days. 

Invest 17,000 naira to earn a daily profit of 215 naira. Valid for 150 days. 

Invest 3,500 naira to earn a daily profits of 280 naira. plan valid for 25 days giving you a total income of 7,000 naira. 

Invest 9,500 naira to earn a daily profit of 380 naira. plan valid for 45 days, giving a total income of 17,100.

So how do you trust this platform that it is legit for such daily profits it offer? 
There have been many other websites like this which ended up scamming user's hard earned money. 

Does this platform pays for sure? 

Yes, it pays, many users claims the platform is legit, testifying of how it pays them massive money daily but beware. 
The minimum threshold to invest to this platform is 3,500 naira and the minimum to withdraw is 500 naira. 

Is cstcmine legit or scam? 

We have no right to accuse this platform of being scam because many people claims it is legit and paying them for now, but how about tomorrow? Is it still going to pay forever? Invest wisely and what you can afford to lose. 
Investing is profitable but in other way it is risky. 

Should I join and invest to this platform? 

Well, the decision is over to you. We can't recommend this platform to you if you're not ready to loss your money.
If this platform is legit we would have told you from the beginning of this article.

How to join or get to this investment platform. 

To join this investment platform at your own risk, follow this link: 


You can type or copy the url to your web browser and it will direct you to the platform website where you can sign up and download their application. We apologize for not linking using directly from here.

Platform released date: December 19th 2022.