Exness trading app review, Exness legit or scam? is exness legal and safe?

Exness trading app review, Exness legit or scam? is exness app safe?

Exness app is legit and safe, there are many reasons why we choose to mark it as a safe and legit trading platform. If you are really in confusion about if exness trading app is legit or scam, below are things you should first of all look into.

1: Trusted by over one million people:

We can no longer say exness is scam, the trust of users for this trading platform has taken it above the level of being called scam. 
Many users reported this trading platform as one of the best and reliable. 
This very page was written based on the information we gathered from users. 
During our research, we didn't find any true information to use and place the word "scam" on this trading platform or app. 

2: Available in over 20 countries:

Exness is expanding to reach out to different countries daily. 
We can't still say that this is a scam trading app, of course we have seen how popular this trading app is. 
Exness is growing bigger every day almost to take down other broker apps. 

What people say about Exness:

According to the information we gathered during our recent research, if you are planning to start trading with exness app, you should be ready to face the following issues. 

1: Deposits failure: Many users flagged exness trading app as one of the scam app out there after making a deposit but not credited to their wallet. 
This is one of the thing that almost labeled the word "scam" on this app. 
If you're planning to start your trading journey with exness you should first of all care about your hard earned money, because you might make a deposit but not credit to your wallet. 

2: Withdrawal issue: there are many users of this trading app who are in deep pain right now after placing withdrawal order and waited for weeks and months but no alart, this information is true. Many users flagged exness trading app as a scam app claiming that it refuses to pay them their earnings.
Is it easy to deposit but hard to withdraw? These were the information we gathered. 
If you're planning to start your trading journey with exness, you should be ready to face withdrawal problem because the app might trick you with fake messages that your withdrawal is successful, meanwhile it is not.

3: poor customer support:

According to users, it was reported that the support team of exness will not be available for you in the time when you will need help, many users flagged exness support team as the worst of all for not able to solve their problems and sometimes they may not reply to your calls and messages.

The above informations explains/open up everything possible, would you say that exness is not a safe place for traders? 
Note: we are not discouraging you from using this app. Look into the above reviews we dropped and make a quick decision so that you won't end up blaming anyone. 

About exness trading app:

For those that don't have much ideas about exness, here is a little break down for you to look into:

Exness trading app, is an international broker app  which was launched since August 31st 2018 that can be used for trading the stock market, supporting over 20 countries with million active users. 

Who can start trading with exness?

18+. To start your trading journey with exness you should be 18 and above the age of 18, and you should also be ready to face the risk in trading yourself. 

How to open Exness account:

To get started you will need to download the exness app, sign up using either your email account or mobile number. You can find and download the exness trading app either on Google playstore or any other apps store. 

How to verify exness account:

Below are the requirements for identifying verification on exness. 

1: International passport. 
2: Identification card. 
3: Drivers license. 
4: proves of residence.  (por). 

The following will also be required:

Certificate of residence 
Tax bill
Bank account statement
Utility bill e.g gas, electricity, Internet, water.

If you have the above then it will make it easier, follow the instructions easily and get to submit your documents completely. 

Advice on starting your trading journey with exness:

You should know the risks in trading, Exness is safe but you might find some things that are similar to scam on the app due to system failure. 

Trading is risky and you should be ready to face them yourself. No one will be responsible for any loss. 
We have reviewed exness trading app completely, if it were scam we would have told you from the beginning of this article. So Goodluck on your trading journey.