Review, is legit or scam? is Gamegoda platform real or fake? Review, is legit or scam? is Gamegoda platform real or fake?

The platform is like a scam platform, it seems like a fake earning site according to our recent review.
We have reviewed this site that promise users to earn up to $100 daily and all we can say about it is that the site seems like a scam site.
Below are some reasons:

High daily earnings:
According the information we gathered from the app and it users, this website promise to allow users earn up to $100 daily for testing new games apps.
It claims to allow users earn from $0.57 per game test to $0.67, earn $1 for each person you refer. You can earn unlimited dollar daily according to the site. 

Why many people reported this site as a scam site:
1: Not paying users their earnings:
This website is scam because it deceives users to spend their time and data on it and at the end pays them nothing as it promised. 
On our reviewing this website, we discovered that some users may not even be able to view where to withdraw their earnings because the website is covered with third-party direct link, immediately you click on any button of the site, it will automatically redirect you to watch third-party advertisement. 

This is one of the reason that shows that this site is not a gaming site, continuing to work with the site could be a waste of time. 

This very website is not real, there are many red flags on this site, it is monetized with banners advertisement which will enable the owner to earn revenue the more you keep on viewing the site. 
A real gaming website will never monetize their website with third-party adverts. 

Is it true that this website is for testing apps? 
This website claims to be a gaming website that allow users to test new game apps and earn dollars per test. 
We run some checks on the site and all about this platform are lies. 
No game to play, it's just a little deceptive video, just to deceive users.

We are not condemning this website and we are not trying to stop anyone from earning from it. 
We are not discouraging anyone to make use of the site.
Our duty is to reveal every secret behind every websites and apps.
If you think this our review is a false alarm, please do well to drop your comments or contact us via our contact form and we will look forward to your opinion.