Groupfun Review, Groupfun legit or scam? ₦600 welcome reward?

Groupfun Review, Groupfun legit or scam? ₦600 welcome reward?

Groupfun is a Nigeria platform that claims that it will allow it users earn up to 72 million naira per day without any stress.
So this simply means that under one year you could be richer than everybody in the whole world?

This is one of the most trending platforms of 2022 as many people are earning money massively.
How can we know if this platform has come to stay? And how do you believe that it will be able to pay users upto 72 million naira everyday?

Another ponzi scheme or not?
Are you about to fall for scam again or not?
This platform claims that it will allow it users to earn big cash daily when they purchase products online, a product that can only be seen as image in phones.

The most shocking part of it is that many people are already making big money everyday with this app, claiming that it is legit and not scam. 
So you're here to ask if this platform is legit or scam??? Oh!, so you don't want to fall for scam? 

Is Groupfun legit or scam? 

Claiming to pay each user upto 1 million naira per day is the most shocking part of this app. So for this reason this app is not to be trusted.
If you are still wondering, take a look at the following. 

1: High daily profits. 
The daily profits this app promises users is what is shocking us. 
Have you ask yourself, where will they get such amount of money to pay everyone? 

The minimum to invest in this app is 3,000 naira giving daily profit of 118 naira plus. 

Deposit 720,000 naira to earn the daily profits of 77,760 naira. 

Deposit 78,000 naira to earn daily profits of 6,264 naira. 

Every new users receive a welcome reward of 600 naira and it can enable them to earn up to free 100 naira plus. 

The more you deposit to the app the more you are eligible to earn big money, it even asks users to deposit upto millions of Naira. 
The minimum to cash out from the app is just 4,500 naira. 

We cannot trust this app because the daily profits seems too high. 
There have been many apps like this which ended up scamming people. 
We don't have the right to call this app a scam because many people says it is legit. 

If you're not ready to take risks to make money then it is advisable that you keep your money inside your bank account. 

Do you know what is called ponzi scheme? 
Ponzi scheme is just like football betting, so while you are planning to make money from the app, the same as the app is also planning to make money from you.
So it will be either you scam the app or the app scam you.
The app was released on November 16th 2022.