Hawkit.ng review, hawkit legit or scam? is hawkit safe? (see more)

Hawkit.ng review, hawkit legit or scam? is hawkit safe?

What is hawkit all about? Did it promise that you will earn money by performing social media tasks and other online tasks?
Do you believe this to be true?

Like I always say, Our country Nigeria is a scam itself because it is very hard to find anything legit in Nigeria.
The numbers of scam investment platform nowadays in Nigeria are even more than number of investors.

Do you think hawkit is legit and do you think you will earn money with it by performing online tasks? I didn't want to write this review but for the love I have for our upcoming people I decided to spend time to write this in order to safe some people.

Unfortunately I the author of this article, would have been scammed by this platform called hawkit if not that I am online master, and I have passed through many scam investment platform.
(2022) is/was the worst year of my life, I almost got scammed off my last card.

You might have saw it somewhere that hawkit is legit, know that sometimes the person that wrote such knows nothing about this platform called Hawkit.ng, or maybe he/she wrote the post long ago during the time many people thought hawkit was legit. 

Do you know that as you're enjoying this platform, claiming that it is a legit way to make money online that there are many people who are in real deep pain, looking for a way that they could even see the owner of the app and get him or her wiped to shore? 

Hawkit is not a reliable platform because many were scammed by the app on September 2022 and if not for God I would have been among them.

Before September 13th, this app misbehaved up to the level that no one was able to make any withdrawal from the app, not even to purchase airtime and data. And unexpectedly the app seized and stopped working, claiming to be under maintenance, that was around September 5th or so. 

On September 13th the app started working again, and messages were sent to all users that their hawkit account balance have been cleared because they have not been doing all their tasks properly. 

That was how they have been planning to scam people. 
Do you not know that many people were using the app for saving?
I know many people who had upto 100,000 naira in their hawkit account then. 
So that was how hawkit scammed almost 90% of users. 
Even uptill today there are many who are still in deep pain. 

Even uptill today hawkit is still scamming people, you might purchase airtime or data but not credited, you might withdraw from the app but not credited. 
Know that all these problems are from the app, that was how they set the app to be. 

I know of a man who placed a withdrawal order of 100k, sad to say this, the app gave him a notification that his order was completed, he waited many days but no alert. 
Including me, I can remember a day I bought airtime from the app and uptill today I haven't received the airtime. 

Hawkit is not a place to keep your money if you're planning to do business with the app, if you're keeping your money on the app just be ready to get scammed harder and no one will help you recover. 
This app is flagged as a scam app because almost 90% of people are in deep pain because of it. 

I was once a active user of this app, I have referred almost 21 people to join the app but only 8 were active. 
Am saying this to make it known to you that I wrote this article with high experience about this app called hawkit. 

The older version of this app was not exactly with this current one. This current version allows users to see many adverts in the home page, but the older version wasn't exactly like this, it was only displaying two or three advert in the home screen and users would have to click a button to view the rest. 

So, the day they update the app to this new version was the day they left many users in hot tears. 


I spent a little time to write this in oder to keep you safe, this app was once one of the popular app in Nigeria, but unfortunately it is now struggling to rise again after scamming over 100,000 people.

You can find their current official Facebook page at @officialhawkit which is just 1,000 plus followers.
That page is not the main page they were using before.

The main page they were using before was over 25,000 followers. 
Now the page is no longer available and I believe they got the page deleted after the scam they gave us.
If you're planning to do business with this app you should be ready to take risks because one day you will surely loss your money on the app like many people. 

Like I said earlier, this app was once the most popular earning app, but unfortunately, it has been reduced to shore because many of it active users were gone after they got scammed. Including I the author of this article, the day their app refused to open claiming to be under maintenance was the day I got it uninstalled from my device because I knew all the scamming tricks. 

About this app. 

1: Earn money by performing social media tasks. 

Hawkit is a Nigeria app that claims to allow it users earn and withdraw by performing social media tasks such as, following social media accounts, liking and commenting on social media posts, sharing of social media posts and many others, it claims to allow it users earn upto 5,000 naira daily without any investment. 

2: Buy social media followers. 

With this app, you can buy up to 100 followers for your account at an affordable price, buying social media followers were made easy with this app, that was then, and I believe that almost 80% of it active users are gone. 
In fact this app was popular till the extend that it links were posted everywhere online. 

3: Advertise products. 

You can sign up with the app and pay to post your adverts to reach many people. 

Is it true that users can earn upto 5,000 naira daily from the app? 

Well, it depends on your ability, to earn upto 5,000 naira on the app is very impossible, if you think it is possible then you should be ready to refer up to 10 active people to join the app daily. 
You can earn up to 500 naira per active friend you refer to join the app and pay for membership fee. 
If you think to earn upto 5k daily is possible then tell me where to see people you will be inviting everyday? 

You might hardly earn upto 50 naira daily in the app, (with experience). 
You might earn upto 200 naira during your first day but the resk will be history. 

Is it safe to Buy social media followers from the app? 

Yes it is safe, depends on the type of people that receive the task because some might not perform the task properly, most people do submit fake screenshot as prove to the app. 
You may order for 1k followers and in your luck you might get 800 or 950 or higher. 

Who can join this platform? 

Only Nigerians, to join hawkit you must be a Nigerian, because they operate in naira currency. 

How much per follower? 

This depends on the type of follower you want to buy. The price per audiomack, YouTube channel follower are different from Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram followers. 

Social media followers. 

Facebook: 5 naira. 
Twitter: 5 naira. 
Instagram: 5 naira. 
Tiktok: 5 naira. 
Audiomack: 20 naira. 
YouTube subscribers: 50 naira per subscriber. 
Whatsapp group member: 100 naira per member. 
Telegram group members: 100 naira per member. 

Social media post likes. 

Facebook: 5 naira. 
Twitter: 5 naira. 
Instagram: 5 naira. 
Tiktok: 5 naira. 

Buy post comments. 

Facebook: 30 naira. 
Twitter: 30 naira. 
Instagram: 30 naira. 
Tiktok: 30 naira. 
YouTube comments: 50 naira per comment. 
YouTube video viewer: 50 naira per view. 

Buy people to share your social media posts. 

Facebook: 100 Naira per share. 
Twitter: 100 naira per retweet. 

Buy people to download your app. = 50 naira per download. 
App store
Google play store 
And others. 

How much to earn per task performed. 

The amount you earn per task depends on the type of task you get. 

If it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok (follow accounts) you can earn 3 naira per task. 

Like post on social media: (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok) you can earn up to 3 naira per task. 

Download apps task: you can earn 60 naira per task. 

Follow audiomack account task: you can earn up to 10 naira per task. 

Subscribe/view or comment to YouTube channel or video task: you earn 30 naira per task. 

Post comments to social media posts task: (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok) you can earn up to 20 naira per task. 

Share social media post task: (Twitter, Facebook) you can earn 50 naira per task. 

Join chat group task: ( whatsapp, Telegram) you can earn up to 50 naira per task. 

Download apps task: (Google play apps, Apple store apps and others) you can earn up to 30 naira per task. 

Post other people's adverts on your social media pages task: (required pages = 1,000 followers and above) ( Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter) you can earn up to 100 naira per advert you post.