Herconomy Review, is Herconomy app legit or scam? (see why ⚠️)

Herconomy Review, is Herconomy app legit or scam?

Herconomy app is marked as a legit app, we have run some checks on the app completely but didn't find anything valid to use against it, the user's trust for this app is higher and for this reason we can no longer call it scam.

There are many scam apps out there claiming to be saving app with the intend for scamming user's hard earned money, but checking this app, we can say it is safe.

There are many reasons why we recommend this app, the app is transparent and high user-friendly interface, during our recent research, there was no valid information found to use and place the word "scam" on the app.
Nowadays scam apps that appears to be legit are rampant everywhere and if not careful you might get scammed off your last-card. Many scam apps are now available on every apps stores, and it is our duty to keep you safe from them.

See what people are saying about Herconomy app. 

1: Best app, very user-friendly.

Herconomy app is trusted by many people across Nigeria, many users reported that this app is safe from scam, claiming of how the app is legit and helping them saves their money peacefully.
Many even claimed of how they've been falling for scam apps for many days but thanks to God they have found a legit app to help them save which is Herconomy.

Like said earlier, this app is safe and can not be called scam, we have searched everywhere looking for words to use and flag this app as a scam app but none were found, so for this reason we could say the app is free from scam.

Things you should know about this app. 

1: Saving app.

Herconomy is a Nigeria saving app that allows anyone in Nigeria to save and earn upto 10% annual interest.
Now you should also care about your future, you don't have to spend all your salary on foodstuffs, save your money with Herconomy and enjoy upto 10% annual interest.
There're many scam apps out there offering high saving interest and at the end they end up scamming users hard earned money.
But Herconomy seems to be a reliable app for saving money, we are all after safety and not high interest rate, any app that promises users higher saving interest is likely to be scam.
With Herconomy app, you can earn upto 10% of your savings annually.

Who can join this app? 

1: only Nigerians.
If not wrong, this app is main for Nigerians because they operate with Nigeria Naira (₦)
As a Nigerian, whether male or female, you can now save your money for future purposes with Herconomy and watch it grow to the next level.

Saving money with the wrong app or bank might lead to lost of funds, according to users, Herconomy is not an app that intend to run with user's funds. 

How to join Herconomy app. 

Joining Herconomy apps is very easy, no membership fee required, all you need to do is to sign up for an account, get your identity verified, start saving your money and watch it grow to the next level. 

How to verify your identity on Herconomy app. 

To verify your identity is not difficult, all you need is your bvn to upgrade to tier 1.
And the rest are NIN and others. 
Log in to your Herconomy account, click on profile icon, enter and click on upgrade tier, follow the on-screen instructions to complete your ID verification in order to upgrade your account limit.

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