How to switch to Desktop mode on Android phone browser (see more)

How to switch to Desktop mode on Android phone browser.
There are some websites that android browsers can't view properly due to the fact that the site was mainly designed for desktop, it could make life so difficult for Android users.
I the author of this article, I once faced this same issue that is why I publish this article to help others and make life easier.

Android phones are now so popular and used by over 10 billion people around the globe. 
You can now browse desktop sites faster with Android.

There are thousands of web browsers for Android phones, but we really need to know the best one that can satisfy our needs.which of them feature desktop mode? 

Have it in mind that these Android browsers that can view websites in desktop mode can only view but can't do what desktop can do for you. 

I highly recommend this browser for you if you're really in need of a browser that can browse in desktop mode. 
Abaqoo browser is the number one best browser that you can easily switch from Android mode to desktop mode and browse faster and cool. 

There are some sites that android can't view properly, this browser can help you switch to Desktop mode in just one click and everything will look clearly as normal without any error. 

About this App:
Abaqoo is one of the best and popular new browser that was launched since August 13th 2020. 
Though this browser lack some features like file manager, but the best part of it is the desktop mode. It gives complete view of desktop site without anything missing. 

How to switch to Desktop mode on Android phone browser:
To switch to Desktop mode on your Android browser you will need to download abaqoo browser, install and open, type in to the search bar the url of the site you want to visit, once you reach the site, look at the top of your abaqoo browser and click on the three menu dots to open and you will see a desktop site button, turn it on and your abaqoo browser will automatically refresh the page to give you complete view of a desktop site.
Example picture:
If what it give you is too wide on tiny then you can zoom the screen of your phone for it to give you normal view. Click Here  to download the latest version of the browser.