Invest in grain App Review, is invest in grain App legit or scam?

Invest in grain App Review, is invest in grain App legit or scam?

Another ponzi scheme, though this app looks so awesome, but what if it is a scam app?
What do you expect to hear? Do you expect us to condemn this nice looking App?
It's good that we need to know the truth behind every new investment apps before we put our money.

Things you should know about Invest in grain App:
1: High daily investment returns:
This platform is almost looking like a scam app but we are not condemning it, after we reviewed the app, all we can tell you right now is that this app seems like a scam app because it promise to offer users high daily investment returns.

The minimum to invest in the app is 500 naira which will enable the investor to earn a total of 27.5 daily. 
Invest 1000 naira to earn 40 naira daily investment profit. 
Invest 1500 naira to earn 63.75 daily investment profits.  
Invest 2,500 naira to earn 112.5 naira daily investment profits. And many others. 

Example pictures:
This is one of the reason why we choose to accuse this app as a scam app. The daily investment profits seems too high because there is no bank in Nigeria that will offer users such amounts of daily profits. 

2: No business certificate:
This is another reason why we cannot trust this investment app, we haven't seen it verified business certificate. This simply shows that the app doesn't belong to a registered company here in Nigeria, it seems like they're intending to run with users funds at end because the company that owns this app are hiding their identity. 

3: Similar to other apps that ended up scamming users:
There were many other past apps that scammed users and on our reviewing this very one we discovered that It is almost the same look with the past ones. 
There were other scam apps, and one of them was popularly known as smart farm
We checked this very one called invest in grain and it is almost of no different with it. So if you are planning to invest in this very app, just keep it in mind that no one will be responsible for anything you will face. 

About this App:
Invest in grain.  This is an application that promise to pay users upto 500,000 naira as daily profits depending on the amount invested. 
The minimum to invest is a one time 500 naira which will be valid for 3days and after 3 days the system returns user's investment capital and profits which can be withdrawn. 

Every new users receive 200 naira new commer reward which can not be withdrawn directly until it is invested. 

According to the app, you can earn up to 200,000 naira daily, that's if possible. 

Affiliate program:
As a valid user of the app, you can now earn cash rewards when you recommend the app to your friends, you can earn up to 100,000 naira as rewards according to the app. 
The referrals rewards you earn can't be cash out directly until you invest them, after investing, it will then be ready for withdrawal. 

Minimum to withdraw is 500 naira. 

Please keep it in mind to avoid tears:
Every investment plan has a validation date. 
Example: invest 1,000 naira valid for 7 days as shown on the app. 
If you invest like 1,000 naira on the app which will be generating you daily profits of 40 naira, immediately you click on invest, you won't be able to withdraw the daily profits the app will be generating for you until the fixed date expires. 
Once it expire, the app will automatically transfer both your profits and capital direct to your wallet ready to be withdrawn. 

( This app was released around November 26th 2022, not up to 2 weeks from now) 

Other thing to know:
The minimum to deposit may start from 100 naira, keep it in mind to avoid tears:
Immediately you make a deposit to the app, you won't be able to withdraw back the money until you invest it. 
So you should know how much you want to invest and how much you should deposit. 

Many other users reported that this app is paying them while others also reported it to be a scam app, but on our reviewing the app, we can't really accuse it in any way. 
All we can tell you is that if you choose to invest on this app you're at your own risk and no one will be responsible for any lost. 

Many other apps like this ended up scamming users. So it will be better if you invest wisely because the app won't tell you when it will crash with your funds.

This platform is currently running with app only, but you can download the Android app from their website by copying the below url to your clipboard and paste to your browser, we are sorry for not linking us directly from here.
Here is the url to download the app:
Or go to: 

Note:  by following the link you agree to face anything you will go through on the app as Naijanewlife  will not be responsible for anything.