Jasper.cx Review, is Jasper investment platform legit or scam? (see more)

Jasper.cx Review, is Jasper investment platform legit or scam?

These are the main things that this platform is flagged as a scam platform. 
We have reviewed this platform completely, and all we can say about it right now is that this platform might not be safe. 

1: High investment return:
This platform is flagged as a scam platform because it promise to offer users high daily investment profits. 
This is a scam platform. 

Investment Bots:
1: AI media Robot-01
price to purchase this robot is 3,000 naira. 
Daily investment return from bot: 600 naira. 

The minimum to invest on this platform is 3,000 NGN, to invest the minimum you will have to purchase the smallest investment bot known as AI media Robot-01 which will generate you daily investment profits of 600 naira from your 3,000 naira, valid for 90 days. 

2: AI media robot-02:
Price to purchase this robot is 5,000 naira. 
Daily investment profits the bot will generate for you from the 5,000 is 1,100 naira daily. Valid for 90 days. 

3: AI media robot-03:
The amount to purchase this bot is 10,000 naira. 
The daily investment return the bot will generate for you from the 10,000 Naira is 2,500. Valid for 90 days.

4: AI media robot-04:
The amount to purchase this bot is 20,000 naira. 
The daily investment profits the bot will generate for you from the 20,000 naira is 5,800 naira. Also valid for 90 days. 

There are many other higher levels robot you can purchase and earn higher everyday. 
This platform offers high invest profits for users, the investment profits seems too high, and for this reason we can neigher encourage nor discourage anyone to invest in this platform. Anyone who invest in this platform is under his or her own risk and we will never be responsible for any lost. 

Other things you should know:
1: Not a registered platform:
We are really in fear about this platform because we haven't seen it registered business certificate. If this platform could provide us it business certificate to prove it legitimacy to us then we will call everyone to invest with it if possible, so for now that we haven't seen any business certificate from it, all we can say about it is scam.

Referral program:
This platform offers opportunity for users to refer and earn up to 20% referral reward. 
You can earn up to 20% rewards when you refer a friend to invest. You earn 20% to 1% of the exact amount the person deposit to invest. 
The rewards are divided into three places. 
Level 1: 20%
Level 2: 4% 
Level 3: 1%
Level 1 are the people you refer yourself. 
Level 2 are the people your level 1 refer. 
Level 3 are the people your level 2 refer. 
So, you earn 20% from level 1, 4% from level 2 and 1% from level 3.
You can easily earn up to 100,000 naira daily if you can refer people to invest from 200,000 naira. 

How to Withdraw your earnings:
Every new users receives a welcome reward of 1,000 naira. The minimum to withdraw from the platform is just 2,000 naira. 
You can use your welcome reward to invest or withdraw when you top up your wallet to reach the minimum investment amount. 

To withdraw from this platform you will have to click on wallet, if it's your first time then you will have to click on bind bank card to add your account details. After binding your account details, click on Withdraw and choose the amount to withdraw, confirm and follow the instructions according to the platform. 

Many users reported that this platform is paying them massive money daily while others also reported that it is a scam platform, but on our reviewing the platform we discovered that it is a platform that may intend to run with users funds. 
We are not condemning this platform and we are not discouraging anyone from investing in this platform. 
Our duty is just to guide you by revealing the secrets behind every platforms to you.
If you think this our review is a false alarm please do well to contact us or drop your comments and we will look forward to your opinion.

Platform launched Date:
Too new, the domain name of this platform known as Jasper.cx  was registered on the 2nd of December 2022 and the platform was released on 3rd December 2022.
To get to this platform you can type in to your browser Jasper.cx ,  we really apologize for not sharing the direct link here with us. You may still find way to download it App and install on your device if possible.