Review, is jogocash legit or scam, is safe? Review, is jogocash legit or scam, is safe? 

What do you think? Are you yourself seeing this platform as a safe platform? 
Nowadays there are thousands of platforms launching everyday, can you tell which of them is legit? And can you tell which of them is scam? We are going to decide if this platform is legit or scam at the end of this article. 

Why we can't trust this platform. 

1: not upto one year in existence:
We have reviewed this platform completely, we are not against their business, the only thing we are afraid of right now is that this platform is too new to be trusted, there have been many other platforms like this which ended up scamming users, so now are we suppose to trust this new earning platform? 
This platform is not upto a year yet but it is asking users for big cash. 
What are the proves that shows they won't end up running with users money like other past platforms. 

What people say about Jogocash

1: This platform is paying and legit:
Many users reported that jogocash is one of the best platform to earn real money daily, this platform is going viral right now as many users are earning massive amounts of money daily, claiming that the platform is legit and not scam. 

2: Scam, they are like hawkit, viral trend and bangu app:
Many users flagged this jogocash as a scam platform that may intend to run with users funds. 
This very page was written based on the information we gathered from it users. 
According to the information we received from users, it was reported that jogocash is a platform that will at the end run with users funds when they make enough money for themselves. 

About this platform. 

Jogocash is a Nigeria newly launched earnings platform that allows it users to earn massive money by performing online tasks. 
According to the platform, you can earn upto 15,000 naira daily depending on the amount you spend to upgrade. 

Below are the types of tasks you can perform daily. 

Liking Facebook page. 
Following Instagram account. 
Liking of social media post and comment on posts. 
Sharing of post. 
And many other task, and the platform claims that it users can earn up to 15,000 daily from those tasks.

How to get started. 

To get started you will have to open your browser and go to this address:  . We really apologize for not linking us directly from here. 

Once gotten to the site, take a little bit time and go through the site to read things you might see there.
When done, you click on sign up, fill in all requirements and click on create an account.  
After you have successfully created your account, login to your account dashboard. 

In your account dashboard, you will see different plans to purchase, as follow:

1: Basic plan:
Amount to purchase: 2,600.

2: silver plan: 
Amount to purchase: 5,600 naira. 
Earn 1,000 per person referred. 
And many others not listed here. 

3: Gold:
Amount to purchase: 8,600 naira. 
Earn 1,500 naira per person referred. 
And many others not listed here. 

4: Diamond:
Amount to purchase: 10,600 naira. 
Earn 2,000 per person referred. 

So, as a person who is interested in joining jogocash, you can choose any of the above plans and upgrade to. The higher your plan level, the higher your daily earnings. 

How to perform tasks:

To perform task you will have to login to your jogocash account and you will see the tasks that are available. Click to join/choose any task of your choice and move to perform the task. 
You must perform the task as required, when done, back to your Jogocash account to upload the prove of the task you performed. 

How much does jogocash pay users per task? 
According to the platform, you can earn from 4 naira upward depending.


Joining this platform is at your own risk as we will not be responsible for anything you go through.
We are not Jogocash promoters and we are not affiliate marketers the same as we are not trying to push you to join this platform and we do not have the right to call a platform scam.

The above informations explains it better, if you didn't understand, we recommend you restart reading this page for a better understanding.