Jophap app Review, is Jophap app legit or scam? (see more)

Jophap app Review, is Jophap app legit or scam?

This is one of the best app to trade gift cards, this app is safe and not scam because the user's trust for this app is very high.
Looking for a place to sell your gift cards? This app might be the best option for you to get started.
If you're still wondering if this app is safe or not, take a look at the following.

1: Trusted by over 150 users. 

This app is marked as a legit app because no one has been reportedly scammed. Many people trust this app and claims of how reliable it is, easy to exchange your gift cards for cash.
During our recent research to gather more information about the app, we didn't find anything to use against it, so this shows how reliable the app is.
The user's trust for the app is very high and the app could recommend for others because many people claims the app is safe.

What people say about this app.

1: withdrawal issues or delay.

Many people reported of how they placed a withdrawal order but not credited to their wallet waiting for even too longer than expected.
This is part of what you really need to know before starting to use the app.
The issue needs to be fixed or else this app will be flag as a scam app that is not to be trusted.

2: Nice app, easy to sign up.

This is the good part of the app, registration is cool and easy, there are many apps out there, making registration so difficult for new users and the worst part of some of them is when Kyc is added to the app, it's always so difficult for some people because some users may not have the Kyc requirements.

About this app:

Jophap is an application that enable users to exchange their redeemed gift cards for cash, with this app, you can easily exchange your gift cards with money.

Who can join this app?

1: Nigerians, to join this app you must be a Nigeria citizen because the app only support Nigeria local currency naira (₦).


We are still monitoring this app everyday and will immediately update this page to get our readers informed if we find anything suspicious about the app. So it is advisable you often visit this page to see if anything has changed.
App released date: June 21st 2022.

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