Lumos loan app Review, Lumos loan app legit or scam? (see more)

Lumos loan app Review, Lumos loan app legit or scam?

Were you looking for a better loan app and this was given to you? How sure are you that this is the best loan app. Before you start using this app called Lumos, take a little time to look at the following to avoid regrettings. 

1: High interest rate. 

Before you go into partnership with this app, you should be ready to payback upto 50% interest rate in 7 days. You may collect a loan of 4,000 naira to payback almost 7,000 naira in 7days. 
Are you sure it's the best idea? Collecting almost 45% interest from users within a very short time is not a good one, if you think this will be OK for you then you can get back to the app. 

2: Disbursing loans without users consents. 

Using this app could be a little risky, we recently discovered that this app disburses loans without the consent of it users, is this the loan app we have been looking for or this is just like bringing a problem to solve problem? 
It is better you know about this to avoid regretting. 

3: Difficult to repay loans. 

It may be easy to receive loan from the app but how about when it's time to repay? 
According to users, you might find it so difficult to repay your loans on due date, and the more you keep delaying the more your loan is increasing. 
We got this information from users of the app and we also confirmed it, you should. 

4: insults and embarrassment from app agents. 

According to users of this app, the customer service of this app is only available when it's time to get back loans from users of their app. 
Sometimes they may spoil your day with hot insults and sending messages and your photos to all your contacts that you owe them. 
Though we do not support owing any loan app, you should try as much as possible to repay your loans on time before due date, because they reserve the right to take action against anyone who owe them. 

What other users say about this app.

1: They sent fake transfer to me, I applied for a loan, the app showed loan disbursed successfully but up till today I have not received the money but the app is already counting day I will payback, I contacted the customer support via email but no response.

That was part of the informations we received from the app users, according to it users, this app is not reliable.

2: I applied for a loan of 7,000 naira but only 5,000 naira was disbursed to me.

This information was confirmed, according to app users, you might apply for a loan but sometimes you might receive almost half of what you applied for and at the same time they expect you to payback complete of what you applied for with interest.

3: I already paid for my loan but the app is still showing unpaid and keeps on increasing the amount to payback. 

This is the bad part of the app, causing bad user's experience, if this is an error from the app then the error needs to be fixed as soon as possible. 

About this app. 

Loan app.
Name: Lumos. 

Lumos is a Nigeria loan app claiming to disburse loans to it users within a short period of time. 

Who can join this app?

To join this app you must be a Nigeria Citizen because the app only supports Nigeria local currency (₦). 

Does this app truly disburses loans to it users? 

Yes for sure, any Nigeria citizen can download the app and sign up, agree and fill out all the required details in order to be eligible to receive loans from the app. 

Is this app Legit or scam? 

For now we have no right of placing the word "scam" on this app, we already dropped different points of Review from the beginning for you to use and make a decision whether to use the app or not.

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