Mini Trade App Review, mini Trade legit or scam? (yes, it is scam. see why)

Mini Trade App Review, mini Trade legit or scam?
This trading app is scam and not safe, you should think about your money, it could be better if you throw away your money than depositing it to this app because if you do it will scam you of your last card. 

Many people reported this trading app as a scam app, we have gone deeper to gather all the information about this trading app.
Below are popular reasons why the platform is flagged as a scam trading app. 

1: Deposit but can not withdraw:
Many users reported this trading app as a scam app, we have confirmed this information to be true, this trading app allows users to deposit but when it comes to withdrawal it gives an error message. 
Note: we're not trying to condemn this trading app, we wrote this review according to the information we gathered from it users. 
Since the withdrawal issue happened to more than five people and no better information from the developers, it simply means that this app have some scamming tricks, it is not ready to pay. 
We have fully confirm this app, it is not safe because many users have already been scammed. 

As a new user planning to start trading with this app just know that once you deposit it may not be credited to your wallet and if it be credited, you won't be able to cash-out your earnings. 

This trading app keeps giving users different excuses when it comes to withdrawal, it may allow you to earn more but when it's time to withdraw the app will give you an excuse like your bank account details have one problem or the other in order to stop you from withdrawing your earnings. 

2: Trading scam:
This app is not safe to trade no matter where you come from. 
You may find some information somewhere that the app is legit, know that some of those information might be from the app agent just to trap new people to make a deposit to the app.

This trading app is flagged as a scam app. 
Trading with this app is a double risk because the developers designed this app in a way that it might not allow you to win but keep losing until your money finish and it request that you make a new deposit.
This is a fraud app, the company of this app are not here for real business but scam.

3: cannot withdraw rewards:
This trading app divides users account into three. 
1: Demo account. 
2: Real account. 
3: Rewards account. 

1: Demo account:
This account is a free account with more money inside which can only be used for tutorials, cannot be withdrawn, mainly for new users for learning how trading works. 
2: Real account:
This is an account in which your deposited money stay. Any amount of money you deposit to this platform goes directly to your real account. 
3: Rewards account:
In this account, all users rewards stays here, this app offers higher deposit rewards. 
example: deposit $1 to receive a reward of $0.20. 
Deposit $50 to receive a reward of $5. 
Deposit $1000 to receive a reward of $100 and so on. 
And also referral rewards, this trading app offers users referral bonuses. 
Example: refer a friend to deposit $50 and you will receive a percent. 
Invite a friend to deposit $50 and you will be rewarded with $5.
We noticed that all those rewards can not be withdrawn from the app. 
This also shows that this app is a scam app. 

Advice: ⚠️
This is truly a scam app, we can't recommend this trading app to anyone, if the company or anyone that owns this app thinks that our review is a false alarm, then it should be proven to the app users that the app is legit/safe, once users start reporting that this app is safe then we will apologize and get this page deleted and block from appearing on Google search results. 
This content is to help protect new users from falling victim of scam please understand.