legit or scam? $25 welcome reward? (see more) legit or scam? $25 welcome reward?

This website is never a legit website! Are you looking for a website to earn money online or a website to waste your time and mobile data? You can not trust this site.
So you're happy to earn 25 dollars welcome reward? But have you asked yourself who will pay you the money?

There are many fake websites launching nowadays, most of them are after user's personal informations. If you're still wondering if this site is legit or scam, take a look at the following.

1: High daily earnings.

This website claims to allow it users earn upto $700 daily, with this site you can easily make upto 700 dollars per day when you perform tasks.
But you as a user of the website, have you asked yourself who will pay you all those earnings? Does 700 dollars looks too little? There have been many other websites similar to this very one but where are they today?

With this website, you can easily earn as simple as possible when you share your referral links everywhere online on social media. 

• $2 per referral link clicked by others. 

With this website, you can easily earn upto $100 without stressing yourself, it claims to allow it users earn even when someone clicks on their referral link without even signing up for an account. 
This is part of the reason why we say this website is not safe, how is this possible? Earn 2 dollars even when someone click on your link only without signing up or taking any other action? 
That is incredible and for this reason you can't trust this site because the way it is, users can easily earn upto 2,000 dollars per day and where do you think the site will get such amounts of money to pay? 

  Earn $20 when you refer a users to sign up. 

With the way this website is, you can easily earn upto 3,000 dollars daily just by posting your referral link online on social media, it claims to allow it users earn $20 when they successfully refer a new user to sign up. 
So are you still seeing this site as a legit site? Where do you think it will get such amounts of money to pay everyone? That's impossible. 

• Earn upto 20 US dollars per task. 

According to the website, users can earn up to 20 dollars when they perform tasks. 
There are many tasks to be done on the website, e.g download and install apps, you get paid up to $20 when you successfully download and install recommended apps.
We are just using this as an example for you to see, this site is upto something, claiming to pay users upto this amounts of  money per day is not the best. 
• Watch video to earn upto 15 dollars per video. 

This is part of what you need to consider before making a decision of wasting your time and data on the site. 
Does the daily earnings not seems too high to you? Do you know that if you're able to perform all the tasks and also refer friends to join the site you can easily earn upto 1,000 dollars within a short period of time? 
So where do you expect the website to get and pay you such amounts of money? 

Disadvantages of joining this website. 

1: Social media account get banned. 

This website encourages users to keep posting their referral links to their social media accounts and everywhere in order to drive traffic to it. 
Social media platform like Facebook won't waste time to restrict your personal account if you keep on spamming the community with links. 

Can I withdraw from this website? 

The minimum threshold to cash out from the website is $200 dollars, for now we can never assure you can withdraw from the site, with our high experience with many sites like this, if you luckily reach the minimum threshold the site will find one excuse or the other just to stop you from withdrawing.