Newcredit loan app Review, Newcredit loan app legit or scam? (see more)

Newcredit loan app Review, Newcredit loan app legit or scam?

There are many things you need to consider before making a decision of using this app, we are here to help you find more about this app, Below are things you need to consider before starting to use Newcredit app in order to avoid regrets.

1: Charges user's credit card without authorization and sometimes even after repaying a borrowed loan.

As a user of this app, this is part of what you really need to consider before using this app called newcredit, binding your credit card to this app might cause a big misunderstanding between you and the app, because the app may not be able to detect if you've repayed your borrowed loan or not and might charge from your credit card without your authorization which may result in you repaying double, though the company may refund it back to you, but how will you do if they claim to have not received the one you paid directly?
This is very important to have in mind because it happens to many and you should beware.

2: High interest rates:

Planning to borrow loan from this app? Are you ready to payback almost 40% in a month? You may receive a loan of 40,000 naira to repay 70,000 naira in a month. 
Though the interest rate depends on, the longer you use the app the lower your interest reduces. 

Other things you should know.

1: using this app could be a little bit risky, this app never allow it users to decide the amount of loans they want. That simply means that it's the app to decide the amount of loan you're to get and not you.
How will you feel about a situation like this? What if you were looking for a loan of 5,000 naira but the app say you are to get a loan of 25,000 naira?
Or what if you were in need of a 10,000 naira loan but the app say you are eligible for a loan of 2,000 naira? Isn't that a big disappointment?

Is Newcredit app legit or scam?

This app is marked as a legit app and not scam, trusted by over 100,000 users. We can not flag this app as a scam because many users trust it and many claims it's reliable and disburses loans faster than expected. 
Newcredit app is safe and reliable because no one has been reportedly scammed by the app. 
Though you may encounter some system errors from the app while using it, if any, it is advisable you contact support team for better assistance because the app can't be perfect. 

Who can join this app?

18 years and above, to join this app you must be a 18 years old and above and you must be a Nigerian. If you're not a Nigerian but you choose to download this app it could be a waste of mobile data. 

How to sign up with this app. 

To create a newcredit personal loan account you will have to find and download the Newcredit app, install and open, go to sign up and fill in your mobile number, get the OTP code and verify your number, the rest required verification informations will be done once logged in. 
App released date: 17th October 2020.

App logo:
You can find this app either on Google play store or other app store.
Name: Newcredit