Octafx review, is Octafx legit or scam? is octa fx safe to trade with?

Octafx review, is Octafx legit or scam? is octa fx safe to trade with?
We can no longer call octafx a scam platform, octafx has gone beyond the level of being called scam. If you're the type that is in fear about if octafx is safe, below are things you need to look into first.

1: Trusted by more than a million people:

Octafx is safe, the level of trust of users for this trading platform is too high, we can no longer accuse this trading app in any way.
Many users reported how reliable octafx is, during our recent research, we discovered that this trading app is used by over 2 million people daily.
This very page was written according to the information we gathered from octafx users.

2: Available in more than 25 countries:

Though we all know that octafx is not supported in all countries.
But this trading platform has scored a high level of popularity. So for this reason, we have mark it as one of the legit trading platform and highly recommend.

3: Over 4 years in existence:

Octafx is no longer to be scared of, this trading platform is over four years in existence, we all know that most scam apps don't last up to a year before crashing, so for this app to exist for more than a year shows how legitimate it is. 
Octafx was released on May 22nd 2018. 

What many users says about octafx:

1: Withdrawal issues:
According to many other users, if you're planning to go into trading with the octafx trading app you should be ready to withdraw from the app but not credited to your bank account.
Many users flagged octafx as a scam trading app that allows people to deposit but can not withdraw. 
This page was written according to the information with gathered from users. If you are about to start trading with this broker app called octafx, be ready to loss money as their support team might not do anything possible to help you recover.

2: Deposit failure:
Many users flagged octafx as a scam app after making a deposit but not credited to their octafx wallet. 
This page was written based on the information we gathered from users. 
So if you're about to start your trading journey with octafx, be ready to loss your money during deposit. 

About octafx:

If you are reading but don't have much idea about what octafx is, here is a breakdown for you:

Octafx is a broker app that allows users from different countries to trade both the stock and the forex market. 
If you are the type that really love to take a little risk to make money, then it's time you start making money with octafx. 

How to open octafx account:

To open octafx account for yourself you will have to find and download the octafx application, install and follow the necessary steps to sign up and get your email address verified. 

If you're too new to trading, after signing up, you can create a demo account to start learning how octafx and trading works before you get to make a deposit to your real account and start your complete trading. 

What is Octafx Demo account?

The octafx demo account is a free account that allows users to learn how to trade before moving to their real account.
The demo account is filled with enough money that you can use and learn how to trade till you master, you should also know that you can't withdraw money from the demo account.

How to verify octafx account:

To successfully verify your octafx account any of the following will be required, it is recommended that you get your profile verified before you make any payments to your account, because you will be asked to verify your identity before you can withdraw from the app. 

1: International passport. 
2: international ID card. 
Or any other ID photo issued by Government. 

You can choose to move to your profile and go through the necessary steps to submit your documents, or you can contact any of the octafx support team. 

Advice before going into trading:

Trading is risky, you should be ready to lose your hard earned money because trading is like football betting, you will either win or lose.
Octafx is not a fraud platform, if it were fraud we would have told you from the beginning. Though you might still encounter things that are similar to scam on the app, in a situation like this, it is advisable that you contact their support team.
Please keep it in mind that these informations is not to push you to join octafx, we are not affiliate marketers and we are not octafx promoters. We only help protect our friends across the world from fraud or scam platform. If through these informations you join octafx you're at your own risk and we will not be responsible for any loss.