Okash app Review, how to get upto ₦1,000,000 loan in Nigeria (see more)

Okash app Review, how to get upto ₦1,000,000 loan in Nigeria.

Which is the best loan app in Nigeria? 
Well, we could definitely say it's okash.
The user's trust for this application is too higher and for this reason we have marked it as a legit and safe app to get instant loan in Nigeria without much stress and interest rates.

Looking for a safe and reliable app to get an instant loan online for your business or personal use? This app called okash is highly recommended for you.
For more than four years this app has been a reliable app to many people in Nigeria, with the okash you can get instant loan for your business with low interest rates.

Why this app is not scam. 

1: Trusted by over 500,000 people in Nigeria.
This app is no longer to be afraid of, the user's trust for this app is higher and this is one of the reasons we say it's safe and reliable to get loan.
Many people reported of how reliable the okash app is, disbursing loan to them almost instantly, giving them good users experience.
If you were worried if the app is reliable, the answer should be yes. 

Okash is counted among the top best loan apps in Nigeria, giving loans to users at a very low rate for up to 360 days.

2: over four years in existence.
This is part of what you should have in mind, for over four years this app has been a great app to many people in Nigeria financially.
A safe app with a reliable management exist longer, if this app were not safe for users, surely it would have crashed long before now, this app has a good foundation and it's insured by CBN (central bank of Nigeria). 
The customer service of this app is little reliable depending on your request type and you can get quick response.
If you're trying to chat them up for fun they may not reply you because they're for business and not fun.

See what others say about this app.

1: Wow this app is very reliable and user-friendly, I was borrowed 10,000 naira immediately I finished filling out all my informations, not only that, immediately I was credited, one of their agents called me to confirm if I have gotten the money.

2: okash you people really deserve to be the best online loan app, I applied for a loan and it was disbursed immediately, the interest rate is so affordable and I recommend this app to anyone who needs instant loans.

3: This app is very good and helpful. The interest rate is quite okay. I was given 8,000 naira to payback 9,623 naira in one month.

How to sign up. 

To sign up you can click below to create an okash account for yourself. 

When done, download the okash app and install on your device, click on apply, follow the instructions as shown on the app to fill in all your personal informations and the rest is as easy as possible.


Other things you may ask.

1: is it safe to add my bank verification number (BVN) to the app? 

This is one of the questions people often asks, adding your BVN to okash can never affect your main bank account. 
The BVN you add to okash app enables them to verify your informations like your name, face photo, your location and others, BVN can not give them access to withdraw your funds. 
BVN also enables them to verify if you have any problem with other financial institutions, after verifying your informations if you are eligible then the loan will be granted to you. 

2: is it safe to bind my bank card details to okash?
Probably we could say yes but it has a minor consequence, binding your bank card details to the app will enable okash to charge money from your bank account if you collect a loan and refuses to pay back or when the loan is due / overdue. 
Other than that they won't touch your money because they are in connection with the central bank of Nigeria CBN. 
If they do and you find out, you can quickly report them to CBN which might cause a big problem to their business. 
Binding your bank card to the app will eligibilize you to access higher amounts of loans.

Who can join this app?

Only Nigerians, if you're not a Nigerian but chooses to download this app, it may result in waste of mobile data.
You must at least be from 18 years and above. 

How to earn extra cash from okash. 

Apart from borrowing loans from this app, you can easily earn up to 10,000 naira daily without stress.
How does this works?
As a user of this app, you can earn cool commissions when you refer a friend to collect loan. 
The more your referred friends collect loans the more you get paid cash which you can cash out anytime.

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