Paid survey review, is paid survey legit or scam? is it paying? (see more)

Paid survey review, is paid survey legit or scam? is it paying? 

This app is scam and not paying, if you're still in doubt, below are things you need to look into.

We have reviewed this app completely, we can't say it is safe, using this app and believing that it will pay could be a waste of time, this app is not real but fake. It is an application that wants to gain from users but not ready to allow it users gain from it.
Below are the reasons why we say it is a scam app. 

1: High minimum payout amount:

If you're a users of this app just have it in mind that you have gone beyond wasting time, this app is flagged as a scam app because the minimum withdrawal amount is too high compared with daily earnings.

Each earning per survey is $0.0002.
Using this app is a waste of time, take a look at the earnings per survey, tell me, how many survey questions are you going to answer per day in order to earned you $1?
You can't trust this app because everything about it seems fake and not reliable. 
The minimum amount to withdraw from the app is $20.
So since earnings per survey is $0.0002, how many days will it takes to earn from $0.0002 to $20 in order to withdraw?
This app is not to be trusted because the owners of this app are not ready to payout that's why they raise the minimum payout too high so that some people will giveup halfway.

What people say about this app:

1: scam, it won't pay:
Many users flagged this app as a scam app, believing that it won't pay them, it was  reported by more than 15% of people that this app is not to be trusted. 

2: Pending withdrawal order:
According to users, this app is not paying for real. Many people reported that they placed withdrawal order and the app says their order is pending for more than a month.
We marked this information to be true because it was reported by more than 20 people.
The main reason why we marked this as true is because we didn't find anyone who has successfully withdrawn from the app.

3: I played game and earned more points, I exited the app for that day, when I logged in to the app the second day my balance was empty.

That was part of the information we gathered from users of this app, and we believed this to be true, maybe the app is not ready to pay or it must have been a system error.


We can't recommend this app to anyone, during the time we were checking the app,we discovered that it is a totally time wasting.
The minimum payout seems too high compared with daily earnings. 
Though we are not trying to stop you from using this app, if you think our review is a false alarm, please do well to contact us and we will look forward to your opinion.

About this app:

Survey app: This is a survey app that allows it users to earn money for answering questions, it also offers referral program which allows users to refer others and earn commissions. 

App info. 

Name: paid survey. 
Version: 1.0, best for Android 5.0 upward. 
Released date: 25th October 2021.
You can find this app on Google play store or any other apps store.