piggyvest app Review, is piggyvest legit or scam? real or fake?

Piggyvest app Review, is piggyvest legit or scam? real or fake?
Yes piggyvest is really legit and not scam,
Piggyvest is one of the most popular platform in Nigeria that has been in existence for over 5 years.

Why piggyvest is legit:
1: Exist for more than 5 years:
Piggyvest is not just an application that you see only, it is one of the popular best banking company here in Nigeria. 
Piggyvest started since January 7th 2016. 

Piggyvest was launched since 7th January 2016, during that time it was called piggybank, during then, it was mainly focusing on saving, there was no other service other than saving for 3 complete good years. 

In early April 2019 it was rebranded from piggybank to piggyvest and since then more features were added to the app like investing. 

So, since 2019, it was moved from piggybank to piggyvest and no longer called piggybank, that's why till today everyone knows the platform as piggyvest. 

Piggyvest has grown beyond the level to be called scam, the platform is not just a saving platform but it is bank itself. 
We can't still call this platform scam anymore because it has exist for over 5 years, we all know that most scam apps don't last upto three month or let's say a year. 

1: Trusted by over one million people:
If you're new to this app, don't think like you're the only one using it, we have completely reviewed this app and confirmed, piggyvest is used by over one million people. 

This app has scored a high popularity, it is an app that many people in Nigeria use for saving because they have seen that the app is so reliable and not with the intend of scamming users. 

About this App:
Name: piggyvest. 
Piggyvest is one of the best of all saving apps here in Nigeria that has been in existence for over 5 years, it is a saving platform that opens many ways of saving for users and you easily earn upto 13% annually profits when you save your money with piggyvest. 

It opens many ways of saving, this simply means that as a Nigerian, you can use piggyvest to save both in naira and dollar to earn more annual profits. 

How it works:
1: Download piggyvest App:
To partner with this app and enjoy more of it features you will have to find and download the app known as piggyvest. 

2: sign up for an account:
After downloading, install, open and go to create a new user account which will require you to fill in your username, real first name, second name and last name, then password and your email address. 

After signing up, confirm your email address and login to your new account created for you. 

How to start your savings journey with piggyvest:
 Step 1: Fund your piggyvest wallet:
To fund your piggyvest wallet you can either withdraw money from the bank card you linked with your piggyvest account or you click on the (account) icon, open and copy your unique piggyvest account number and transfer money to it and the funds will automatically be credited to your piggyvest wallet. 

Step 2: start saving:
After funding your piggyvest account, to start saving, you will have to click on (saving) icon. 
After clicking on saving icon you will see different saving options that you can choose to get started. 

1: piggybank.
2: Flex Naira.
3: Safelock.
4: Flex Dollar.
And one other. 
Example picture:
1: what is piggybank?
This is a type of saving wallet in piggyvest that allows users to save and earn complete 10% per annum. 
Through this saving wallet you will be able to set your saving to auto saving, to do this you will have to link your real bank card with your piggyvest account, this will enable piggyvest to automatically withdraw money from your bank account to your piggyvest piggybank wallet according to the time you set. 
Then from there your auto saving will start working, you can choose whether you want to be saving weekly, daily or monthly.
Note: saving in this wallet won't allow you to spend your money anyhow, it may only allow four times per month or so.

2: What is flex Naira? 
This is a type of saving wallet that allows users to save for emergency, in which you can withdraw your money from it at anytime for use. 
This wallet gives you a total of 8% per annum when you safe in it. 

3: what is Safelock? 
This wallet allows users to lock out their funds for some periods of time, you can choose to lock your funds for one year, one month, six months or any other way you wish.
This is the highest paying wallet, it gives a total of 13% per annum. 
Note: once you lock your money for some periods of time you won't be able to make use of the money until the fixed time gets over. 

4: what is flex dollar?
Flex dollar enables piggyvest users to invest in dollar and earn up to 7% annual interest. 
In this wallet, you can convert your naira to dollar and start saving in the wallet and earn annual interest also in dollar. 
At the end, to withdraw you will follow the screen instructions to convert you dollars to naira again. 

Is it safe to add your bank card to your piggyvest account?
Yes we may say it's safe, piggyvest is a well-known financial institution here in Nigeria that have been in existence for years, it is safe and reliable because piggyvest means no harm to anyone. Piggyvest is a registered company. 

Other thing you may find in your piggyvest account:
1: pocket app:

What is pocket App?
Pocket app is an application that belongs to this company known as piggyvest. 
The app is just like a market place where you can buy, sell or advertise your products. It is a bank app that allows users to transfer money to any bank here in Nigeria for free of charge, and you can buy your airtime and data as well. 

You can download pocket app, sign up for an account, and login. 
You can connect your piggyvest account with pocket app which will enable you to withdraw money from your piggyvest account to pocket app, then from pocket app you can transfer your money to any bank in Nigeria. 

Things you should know about piggyvest:
1: Never try to add an account number that is not yours to your piggyvest account:
You can only withdraw from your piggyvest account to a bank account that carry your real identity exactly with the one of your piggyvest. 
If you try to withdraw to another bank account, your piggyvest account will be automatically locked until you contact customer support for identity verification which may request for your ID card, NIN number and passport. 

How to withdraw your money from piggyvest:
Go to flex naira and click, enter, croll down and click on withdraw, follow the instructions and wait for an Alart.

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