Quicrypto App Review, is Quicrypto app legit or scam? (see more)

Quicrypto App Review, is Quicrypto app legit or scam?

Quicrypto app is marked as a legit app, if you have been looking for a cool app to earn free crypto then this app could be recommended for you.
This is one of the best tasks app that pays users just as it promised.

You can earn rewards when you perform tasks according to the app instructions.
We can't say this app is scam because the user's trust for this app is higher.
Many people reported this app as one of the best app to earn free little crypto online.

You earn cash rewards when you perform tasks, there are many apps similar to this but Quicrypto seems to be one of the best and reliable app that pays it users according to it word.

Things you should know about this app. 

For this very app, we can not say it is scam because the app truly pays and everything about the app are transparent, with this app, you can turn your free time into money, this app is paying and many users reported that the app works for them to their satisfaction. 

This app is reliable to the extent that you can not lack task per day, too bad at least you will watch video to earn free coins that can be converted to real crypto for withdrawal. 

For more than 3 years this app has been a great app, paying users just as it promised. It could be very hard for you to find any negative words about this app and it shows how reliable the app is. 

Types of tasks to perform on the app. 

1: Watch rewarded videos (ads)

This is one of the simplest task on the app, you just need like 30 seconds to make little money, when you watch ads, the app credit your wallet with up to 2,000 coins. 

2: Play games tasks:

This is one of the task you can do to make money on the app, depending on your device ability, you can earn more when you follow the instructions of the app, it might send you to download game app and play to earn coins, this app has the ability to track down things that goes on in your device. So through this, when you download games the app sent you to, you will be credited. 

3: Download sponsored apps. 

Apart from downloading games app, you will also see tasks like installing other apps on your device, it might be loan apps, crypto wallet app and many others. The more task you do the more you earn. 

How do the app make it own money? 

Well, this is also an excellent question, at least you also need to know how the app earn money to be able to pay thousands of people. 

With our own knowledge, every task you do on the app are sponsored by other people, it's just like ad network where people pay to advertise, the app also earn money because those apps and videos you watch, download and install are sponsored by advertisers, when they pay the app then it gives your own commission to you when you perform the task properly and the rest of the money goes to it pocket. That is how it works. 

Who can join this app? 

To join this app, at least you must have a smart device, whether computer or mobile phone. Anyone from any country can join the app because the app pays users via crypto, that simply means that to join the app you should have your crypto wallet where you will cash out your earnings to. 
It pays in bitcoin and litecoin. 

Referral program. 

As a valid user of this app, you can now earn 10% of your friends earning during withdrawal. 
You can refer as many as possible and they will help you make money. 

This app was released since November 12th 2019.

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