Share energy review, share energy investment platform legit or scam?

Share energy review, share energy investment platform legit or scam?

What do you yourself see about this platform called share energy? Do you think it is legit and have you ever been scammed before?

Share energy is an investment platform that claims to allow it users up to 1 million naira daily when they invest in power bank that are used for charging phones.

It claims to allow it users earn and withdraw upto 1 million naira daily, and now many people are asking if it is legit or another bunch of scam.

What people are saying about this platform.

1: Scam!!!, they are like sunpower and Bitmain that scammed us.

There were two popular investment platform which were known as Bitmain and Sunpower.
Bitmain and Sunpower were among the most popular investment platform of 2022, but where are they today?
Many users flag this app as one of the scam app that intend to scam people. 
This very page was written based on the information we got from it users. 

2: Best app, it is good, it help me make real money everyday. 

While some are saying that the app is scam, some people are also saying that this app is legit and paying them massive amount of money daily upto 1 million naira without stress. 

Since some people are saying the app is legit and some are saying it is scam, in this situation, which one should we stand for, and what are you expecting to here from us? Are you expecting us to say that this app is legit or scam? 
Since you are still in confusion about this app, below are important things you need to look into. 

1: High daily investment returns:

This app promise to pay it users high daily investment returns plus other rewards which could enable it users earn upto 20,000 naira daily. 
We can't trust this app because the daily earnings it promises users seems too high. 

Invest 3,000 naira to earn 3.2 naira hourly which is about 76.8 naira everyday. 

Invest 8,000 naira to earn upto 9.6 naira hourly which is about 230.4 naira daily. 

Invest 15,000 naira to earn 18.4 naira hourly gain a total of 441.6 naira per day. 

The daily investment profits seems to high and for this reason we cannot trust this app. Paying users upto that amount of money daily shows that the app is upto something. 
According to the app, you can easily earn upto 50,000 naira daily with no stress. 
This app launch high referral commissions for it users to refer and earn higher even higher than daily earnings. 

As a user of this app, you can easily archive the following rewards to help boost your daily earnings. 
You can earn money from the app in 3 different levels when you successfully invite a user to join the app. 

1: invite a friend to register and get his or her mobile number verified and you earn 5 naira cash rewards 

2: invite a user to sign up and make any deposit amount to the app and you earn 5% of the deposit amount. 

3: once any member of the app you invited also invite a new friend to him or herself you stand a chance of earning 2%.
And many others. 

Like I was trying to say earlier, the referral program of this app is divided into 3 different part: Level 1, level 2 and level 3.

Level 1 are the people you invited yourself. 
Level 2 are the people your level one invite. 
And level 3 are the people your level 2 invited. 

So you earn 5% from level 1, 2% from level 2 and 1% from level 3.

If you are planning to invest with this app just be ready to take risk. Many people reported that the app is good, but since the app claims that it will pay users up to 5,000 naira daily and you are rushing to it, if I may ask, where are you expecting them to get the 5,000 to pay you.

We don't have any right to condemn other people's business.

Who can join this platform? 

1: Only Nigerians. 
App info:
Name: Share energy. 
Released date: November 14th 2022