Solaristic App Review, is Solaristic app legit or scam? (see more)

Solaristic App Review, is Solaristic app legit or scam?

Is there any legit way to earn money online here in Nigeria?
If there is, then how can we get one of them?
The numbers of scam investment platform nowadays are even more than investors.

Earning money online is risky, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.
This platform called solaristic is a platform that claims to allow it users earn up to 1% daily investment profits. 
What if it's another scam? 
They claim to be a solar company. If you're still worried if this platform is safe for you to invest your money, you should look at the following to see if it is safe or not safe. 

1: High daily investment profits. 

Do you think this app is safe for you to invest? The daily profits this app promises users seems to high compared to the amount bank can give. 
With this app, you can earn up to 400 naira daily with no stress. 

1: invest 1,000 naira to earn up to 33 naira daily profits from 1,000 naira. 

2: invest 4,000 naira to earn upto 132 naira daily profits. 

3: invest 8,000 naira to earn 264 naira daily profits. 

4: invest 15,000 to earn up to 500 naira daily profits. 

With our experience, we can't choose to trust this App for promising it users high daily profits.
The daily profits seems too high, there have been scam apps that offered users up to this amount that are no longer available today.
During our recent research we discovered that there is a popular foreign solar company called solaristic, this investment app tries to spoil the image of that company by claiming to belong to the company and using it name in order to convince users. 

2: Not upto 5 months. 

This investment app is not yet upto five months, the app is too new on ground. 
Investing with this app could be risky, any investment platform that is not yet upto 5 months is dangerous to invest money with. 
Though they're first come first served. 
This app was released on December 6th 2022. 


Is there anyone convincing you that this new earning app is legit? 
And is there any investment app in Nigeria that is legit? Nigeria our country has turn to a den of scammers. Though it is business. 

Though many people reported that his app is paying them massively. 
But our main advice is, if you are planning to invest with this app, you should invest wisely.