Streetbees Review, is streetbees real or fake? is streetbees paying?

Streetbees Review, is streetbees real or fake? is streetbees paying?

This is another coolest app to earn money online, if you have been looking for a cool survey app that pays then we could say that streetbees might be a good one for you.
Streetbees is one of the most popular survey app that many people trust.
It is good to always find the truth behind every apps and websites especially the one has to do with earning money. 

There are thousands of fake survey apps out there but how do we know the safe one or the right one that pays? 
If you're still in doubt if streetbees is real or fake, take a look at the following. 

1: Trusted by more than 1 million people from different countries:

Streetbees is counted among the top 10 best paid survey apps, trusted by over a million users. 
Many people reported on how reliable this app is, paying them real cash without any failure. 
We can't say this app is fake because already we have seen many testimonies from many people on how reliable streetbees is.

2: More than 6 years in existence:

Streetbees app is safe and not fake, we can't still call this app a scam app. Any app that exist for more than 2 years is no longer to be called scam. 
You can now see how reliable this app is, it has been paying people for more than 5 years. 

Streetbees app was released on the 8th of May 2015. Do you still call it a scam? Already the trust of people for this app is too strong, so for this reason, we can't think anything negative about the app. 

What is streetbees? 

Streetbees is a survey application that supports different countries. 
If you have been looking for a cool way to earn little money online without investing or without too much stress, then streetbees could be the best for you. With streetbees, you could earn from $0.50 to $3 per survey, and you can easily earn upto $6 daily. 
This app is said to be the highest paying survey app. You can earn real cash rewards daily when you perform surveys or little online task. 

See what people say about this app. 

1: best app ever, I am a stay at home mom without any job, but I thank God that this app never allow my PayPal account to be empty.

That was part of the information we gathered from users of this app. Many people claimed that this app pays them for real. 
Installing this app on your device will definitely bring you a little joy no matter what. 
Almost 95% of people trust the app, during our last research, we didn't find anything to use and condemn it. 

2: I tried to type with my keyboard, but it was just bouncing up and down.

If you're planning to start using this app, just have it in mind that the app has a little trick, it makes it difficult to type with your keyboard.
There are some surveys that requires typing answers, but you might find it little difficult to type except you apply a little wisdom.

How can I make money from streetbees?

There are currently two ways you can earn money from streetbees, the first one does not require any hard work while second one require a hard work.
You can easily earn upto $10 daily if you put your efforts into action.

Through surveys:

The first step to earn money from streetbees is survey, you can earn cool rewards daily when you join and start answering some simple questions.

Through referral program:

If you're very good at inviting people, you could easily earn upto $15 daily by recommending the app to many people, let them download the app and sign up using your referral code, once done, you will get paid cash for your hard work.

How can I redeem my streetbees earnings? 

Once you have finished signing up, click on add payment method, and add your PayPal email address, each time you earn, it will be automatically sent to your PayPal account and no minimum required. 

How can I get my referral code/link? 

To get your referral code, login to your streetbees account and click on the settings icon, enter and click on personal information, once you have entered, you will see where to copy your referral code and share it with your friends. 

What type of informations does streetbees collect from me? And are they safe?

The informations streetbees collect from it users are safe.
They don't sell your personal data to third-parties. 
There are some tasks that haves to do with snapping pictures and telling about your current situation. 
All the informations they collect from you are safe and are only used to help improves company's products and other things. To fully understand, you can visit their privacy policy.