Wealth buddy app Review, wealth buddy legit or scam? (see more)

Wealth buddy app Review, wealth buddy legit or scam?

This app is legit and not scam, as  a Nigerian looking for a place to save and invest your money for future purposes, then this app called wealth buddy could be the best one for you to look at.
Wealth buddy is a legit  platform to safe money for future, with this app, you can save upto millions of Naira and have peace of mind.

Though it's hard to recognize a legit app, but we can't count this app to be among the scam apps out there, intending to devour users hard earned, wealth buddy app is safe and reliable for those who are tired of keeping money in their bank accounts because this app will help you secure your money for future and for free.
If you're still struggling to find out if this platform is legit or scam, take a look at the following. 

1: Over one year in existence. 

Though there've been many other platforms like this which ended up scamming users, but does that mean we should count this app among?
We can not say this app is scam because it has been existing for over a year. As we all know, most scam apps never last upto a year. So for this app to exist for more than a year shows that it means no harm to users.

About this app.

Wealth buddy is a Nigerian app that allows users to save and invest their money and earn higher percentage annually.
You can sign up with this app and start saving your money for future use.

Things this app can do. 

1: Save and invest. 
As someone that has been looking for a reliable place to save money order than bank, you can give this app a try, with this app you can save up to 1,000,000 naira. 
Not only that, this app opens different investments opportunities for users to invest their money if they choose not to save it. 
With this app, you can invest into different assets and earn at least monthly or yearly, at least it's gives higher revenue than saving. 

2: purchase airtime and data and pay bills.
As a user of this app, you can also enjoy buying airtime and data online, you can use the app to purchase as much as possible airtime or data and also pay your bills online. 

Who can join this app. 

To join this app you must be someone that love to safe your money and if not wrong you should be a Nigerian, starting your saving journey is made easier with the app as you can save as much as you can with it.
At least you don't really need to depend on your bank account anymore, tired of bank charges, deducting your money monthly for bank maintenance, it could be frustrating right?
This is part of the reason why many runs to online saving banks like this app, just to be free from all those bank charges.

Other things you're to know. 

1: is it safe to add my bank card to the app?
This is one of the questions we finds too difficult to answer, we very well know that you can't add any money to the app without adding your bank card.
So in a situation like this how do we do? 
But seriously you should try and trust the app before you make any business with it, we can say the app means no harm to people. 

2: Is there a physical office of this app?
We were unable to confirm this during our recent research. This is an online saving app that does not really requires a physical office, depending on the more the business expands the more they may decide to get a office for their business in order to gain the trust of customers. 

How to join this app. 

Like said earlier, for those that are really tired of bank charges and looking for a safe place to keep money, this app could be recommended for you. 
To join this app if not mistaking you must be a Nigerian, find and download the wealth buddy app or you can reach out to their official website at www.wealthbuddy.ng

You can type in the url to your web browser, and it will redirect you to the main wealth buddy website and from there you can still download their mobile app either for Apple or Android, app is available on Google play store. 


We are not the promoters of this app and do not have any business with it. Our duty is to provide you with the best reviews, if this platform were scam we would have told you from the beginning. 

For now we could say the platform is safe but how about in the future? We are always monitoring this app and will surely update this page to get you informed if we find anything suspicious. So care about yourself and often visit this page to find out what's new.

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