wheat cultivation Review, wheat cultivation app legit or scam? (see more)

wheat cultivation Review, wheat cultivation app legit or scam?

Deposit made easy but what about withdrawal? Is it easy as well? Are you looking for a platform to invest or a place to throw away your hard earned money?

As an investor you should be able to take a little risk but not this kind of risk we are talking about.
Nowadays scammers are becoming rich and famous because there are many to scam.
If you're still worried about if this platform is legit or scam, you should first of all look at the following points.

1: The platform is not yet upto 5 months. 

This platform is too new to be trusted, we can't trust it because it's not yet upto a year, like I always say, any platform that is not up to a year yet might not be safe.

2: A cloned of other apps that scammed users.
This app is not safe, if you are planning to invest with this app just be ready to get scammed, if you check this app, you will discover that it is exactly look with other apps that scammed many people, some of them are still available while some are not.
Take a look at this: 99 cattle.
Also see this: invest in grain.

In fact if you check the very one is called invest in grain, you will see that it is exactly like this app that is called wheat cultivation.
Some of them that are no longer available were known as:
Smart farm. 
Smart shop
And many others. 
So those are the reasons why this app is marked as a scam app and might not exist up to five months.

See what people say about this app.

1: God p^^nish the developers of this app, I have been scammed of my 400,000 naira.
This information is very true, according to the information we gathered, many people reported that this app is a scam app that they have been scammed already.
So if you're planning to invest with this app just be ready to face anything.

About this app:

Wheat farming is a Nigeria investment platform that claims to allow it users earn upto 500,000 naira daily with no stress.
It claims to allow it users invest in wheat farm and earn higher profits daily upto 1,000,000 naira per day.

With this app, you can easily invest and earn higher daily profits.

Know that investing in this app is dangerous. 
If you invest like, 45,000 naira valid for 5 months giving you daily profits of 5,000 naira, you won't be able to withdraw your daily profit of 5,000 naira until the 5 months are over. 

This app was released on the 25th of November 2022.

Many other apps that scammed users were exactly like this very one. 


We are not discouraging you from investing with this app, many users reported that this app is safe and paying them. 
If you think the app is good for you then go ahead and earn with it.

App name: Wheat cultivation.