Wheat plan App Review, is wheat plan app legit or scam? is it safe to invest?

This app is not safe, if you are planning to invest in this app just be ready to get scammed, we have reviewed this platform completely, what we saw on the app is not something to joke with. If you think this is a false alarm, then you should look at the following why we say it is not safe.

1: clone of more than 6 apps. 

Checking this app, we discovered that it look exactly with other past scam apps that scammed users.
There were many other apps that successfully scammed users hard earned. Below are things you need to look at:

1: smart farm:
2: smart shop:
3: fortuneretailpro.

The above mentioned apps, some of them are no longer available, if you check all of them, you will discover that they're all of no different with this app called wheat plan.
Investing in this app is risky as it is not recommended.

2: Too new:

This app is not to be trusted, this app is not yet up to a year, investing money with this app could be risky.
If you're planning to start investing with this app, just keep this in mind because there will be no one to help you recover your losses.
The app was released on the 25th of November 2022. 

About this app:

Wheat plan is a Nigeria investment platform that claims to allow it users earn up to millions of naira daily.
According to the app, you can invest and earn real cash daily.

How to get started.

To get started you will have to find and download the wheat plan app, install and sign up.
After signing up, you can choose a plan to start investing. 

Investment plan. 

According to the platform, you can easily earn up to a million naira daily depending on the amount you invest. 
There are many investment plans to choose, and the higher your invested capital the higher your daily earnings. 


From the above informations, you can now decide if to use the app on not, invest at your own risk. This app is too dangerous to trust.
We are not discouraging you from investing in this app.