Zaa App Review, is Zaa quiz game App real or fake?

You can now easily earn up to $100 daily with your smartphone.
This is a great opportunity for the sharp brain to earn up to $100 daily without any stress.

Yes, Zaa quiz game App is really real and not fake and not also scam. We have reviewed this platform and we are really happy about it because we discovered that It brought smiles to people's faces.

Why Zaa App is not fake:
1: Trusted by over 1,000 users...
You can't say that this app is a scam app at this time because no one has been reportedly scammed, many users trust this app and this help the app to score high popularity on the net.
Not only that, we can't find any fault to accuse this wonderful app, this app does not request for user's personal information, and already many people have spread the goodness of the app everywhere.
Zaa App is real and not scam. 

About this App:
Zaa is an application that brings together people from different countries, helps refreshes the brain and also helps brings out the best in everyone. 
Zaa App is not just an app, it has gone beyond an app. It is an application that allows users to learn and at the same time earn cash. 
With your little cash, you can easily earn upto $5 per round. 
Zaa is a mobile quiz game app that allows users to compete together in one room online. 

How it works:
To participate in the game you will have to find Zaa app and download, install, sign up and login.
Zaa is a quiz game app that create a live room and allows up to 200 people to participate in each round of a game, to join this game, you must be someone who is very sharp and smart, fast in typing and with smart network connection device. 
It is the app system that will ask the question while everyone who participate are connected together and can see what others are also do in the room. 
Each rounds of the game comes with a question that requires an answer within 5 seconds. If above 5 seconds and no one in the room provides a correct answer then all lose, everyone who lose will get their money refunded back to their wallet automatically, but if one person wins, he or she will receive 80% of the winning amount.
The game only selects three winners per round, if at the end of the round, 2 people wins then the first winner will get 60%, the second 20% and the third 5%.

This is an amazing game and at the same time an opportunity to make money. 
You are going to be competing with others which will require you to fund your wallet with little amount of money.
You can use your own personal money to compete with others in the room and if wins, your money increases.

This is just an easy quiz game ever, simple questions that requires simple answers.
In the game room, you might get a question like this: 
Unscramble: mcoe. 
It means you should use mcoe  to form a meaningful word. Example: come.
And you may also get a question like:
Complete: _o_e. 
It simply means you should fix the word with the missing letters to form a meaningful word.
Example pictures:
It takes 10 seconds for each round of  the game to start, and to join the game you will have to type "y" to indicate that you are joining. Once the question is released, try all your best to be among the three people who first give the correct answer in order to earn cash. 
You can select either mathematics room or English room. 

How to get started:
1: download Zaa App.
2: Install and sign up.
3: fund your wallet.

To fund your wallet is easy, you can fund online by using your debit card, by transfer, through bitcoin or usdt, or any other means that you think will be good or faster. Just click on wallet and follow the screen. 

Referral program:
You can now earn real cash rewards offered by the app, you can share the app to invite your friends, share your referral code or link to anyone that is interested in making money online, once the person register and fund his or her wallet, you will stand a chance to earn rewards. 

This app is safe and not scam, this is a real brain tester game, it helps bring out the best in you especially students. 
For Nigerians, the minimum amount to use in competing is 10 naira which could enable you to earn up to 1600 naira per round of the game. 
We will not be responsible for any lost the app may cause you, we neither encourage nor discourage anyone to join this app, anyone who join is under his or her own risk. 
We care about your feedback, you can help improve our writing skills by dropping your comments in the comments section about your feelings. 
We will update this page as soon as there's a new feature in the app, we are always monitoring this app and will update this page immediately to get you informed if anything goes wrong with it. So check back once in a while.

Click HERE  to download the app from Google play store and use this username as your referral code Mightyhand to complete your registration and earn cash rewards.