Ajip.vip review, is Ajip investment platform legit or scam? (see more)

Ajip.vip review, is Ajip investment platform legit or scam?

Ajip.vip is an investment platform that claims to be powered by Ajip petroleum company.

According to the platform, users could earn 769 usdt daily. 
This is too hot, and how safe is this new earning platform that claims to be from Ajip petroleum company? 

Are you planning to invest to this platform? Do you think it is legit? Before making any deposit to the platform, it would be better you take a look at the following in order not to end up regretting. 

1: High daily investments returns.

This is something that needs serious attention, according to the platform, users can earn upto 2.2 usdt daily with just a 8 usdt deposit. 
Is that scam or not scam? 
New users, sign up to get a welcome reward of 60 usdt to get started.

Amount to purchase - 8 usdt - daily earnings - 2.2 usdt. 

Amount to purchase - 98 usdt - daily earnings - 19.6 usdt. 

Amount to purchase - 389 usdt - daily earnings - 64.6 usdt. 

Amount to purchase - 688 usdt - daily income - 168 usdt. 

Anount to purchase - 1288 usdt - daily income - 257 usdt. 

Amount to purchase - 2688 usdt - daily income - 438 usdt. 

Amount to purchase - 3888 usdt - daily income - 555.6 usdt. 

Amount to purchase - 5888 usdt - daily income - 736.6 usdt. 

There are many other vip plan to upgrade to on the platform. 
The daily earnings this platform promises users seems too high and for that reason, the platform is not to be trusted. 

Are you about joining the platform to start making money? 
We didn't find any valid information to use and qualify it in anyway. So investing to the platform is at your own risk and no one will be responsible for any losses. 

Other things to have in mind. 

Is this platform powered by Ajip petroleum company?

During our recent research, we discovered that there is a popular oil company known as Ajip (Ajip petroleum company). 

This investment platform claims to be powered by the company.
Is this information true?
Unfortunately, this information isn't true, though it might be true in one way or the other. 

Is it safe to invest to this platform? 

Like said earlier, investing to this platform is at your own risk, have in mind that there have been many earnings platform like this which are no longer available today. 
So making your deposit to this platform is at your risk and there might be no one to help you recover your losses if there be any. 

Is this platform paying users for now? 

Sure, the domain name of this platform known as Ajip.vip was created on the 16th of January 2023. The platform is still new, and it is paying for now, but no one knows what will happen to it in the next few weeks. And you should not be disappointed if you don't get paid. 

Is it platform scam? 

We do not have the right to place the word "scam" on this platform. 

Investing to this platform is at your own risk, if this platform is legit, we would have find a way or the other to tell you from the beginning. We didn't find any valid information to use and mark it as a legit platform. If you're planning to start earning from the platform, we advise you to invest what you can afford to lose.