Care Finance loan app review, is care finance app legit or scam?

Care Finance loan app review, is care finance app legit or scam?

There are many to know about this app before starting to use it, you need to watch your steps to avoid regretting, were you looking for a legitimate loan app and this was given to you? Before going deeper with the app you really have much to know about it.

Many are already regretting, a legit loan app is what everyone are looking for, planning to collect loan from this app is like someone planning to take risks. Below are things to consider first before using the app.

1: High interest rate. 

Will you be able to payback almost 45% interest in 8 days? If so then go ahead to use the app. 

This app has gone beyond using users to make quick money, if you're planning to start using this app, then it would be good to have all these in the back of your mind. You may apply for a loan of 6400 naira to pay back 10,000 naira in 8 days. 

This is very important to have in mind so as not to regret, this very information is true and it was confirmed from many other users. 

2: Full of tricks

We discovered that this app is full of tricks to make users pay double interest, using this app is risky, you may even find it easier to collect loans from it, but what do you think will happen on the due date of your loan?

According to users, this app is full of tricks and the app may refuse to open on the date you are to pay back your loan, and each day that passes, your repayment amount keeps increasing, the day the app opens, you might got shocked to see the amount to pay back looking bigger than expected. 

This is something to have in mind before using the app, and after reading all these and still head over to use the app then you should be ready to endure anything you might go through.

3: poor customer support service. 

This app has no customer support service, sending messages to the provided contact details is like doing nothing because no one will reply you, this simply means that if you encounter any problem with the app, it is only you who will solve for yourself. 

Is it safe to bind my bank card to this app? 

How do you trust this app? Binding your bank card to the app is at your own risk. 
Giving out all your bank card details to the app means you have given them full access to do anything like withdrawing money from your bank account, that's If you default. 
We didn't find anything to use and mark this app as a safe app, so you should be ready to put your bank account at risk. 

Is this app giving loans to users for sure? 

Yes, that's only if you're qualified for their loan, as far as you have provided all the required information, then your loan might be granted. 

Is this app scam? 

We can not say this app is scam in any way, we have provided all necessary information to help you make a good decision before using the app. 
After all the information here and you still insist to use the app, then be ready to face anything you will go through and no one will be responsible. 

About this app. 

Care finance is a Nigerian loan app, looking for a loan app? after all these information about the app, if you think it will be okay for you to use, then Goodluck to you. 

Who can use this app?

Only Nigerians. 

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