Cashbox app review, see if it's legit or scam. (see more)

Cashbox app review, see if it's legit or scam.

Cashbox is a legit app to start your saving journey and earn steady annual interest.
Were you looking for a safe saving app to start saving and investing your money for future use?
Tired of bank charges? 
If so then there are lots more things you need to consider before taking a decision that might affect you later in life, that's the reason why you are here.

Cashbox app is legit as we didn't find anything to use against this app, it's users trust is higher and for that reason, we have marked it as a legit app.

It is very difficult to identify a legit app since scam apps have full ground these days.
You should always research about any app that has to do with money in order not to regret. If you're still looking to find the main reasons why we mark the app as a legit app, you should take a look at the following.

1: over three years of existing. 

This is one important thing you need to consider, this app is no longer to be Called a scam after existing for more than a year.
It is always so difficult to find any legit app that exists for more than 1 year.

A legit app exists longer, most of the scam apps and websites out there always crashes within 5 months. So for this app to manage and pass one year, shows it's really here for business and not scamming.
There are many other people who uses this app for saving and investing money. 
We didn't find anything to use against the app. 
The trust of users for the app is higher that is why we couldn't place anything negative on the app for now. 

Important things to know. 

1: Might find it little difficult to withdraw from the app.

Have it in mind that this app is not a scam app at all. But despite that, you might not be able to withdraw your funds from your wallets anyhow like when money is in your normal bank account.
Cashbox is a saving platform that helps users save money for future, so they limit how often users can withdraw in order to help them achieve certain goals.
You can be able to withdraw cash anytime your saving has matured or on a free withdrawal day. 

2: Is it safe for me to bind my bank card to the app?

We didn't find anything to use and flag this app as a scam app. 
The trust score of users for the app is higher and the app has been existing for more than 3 years. 
For that reason, we could say it's safe for now.

How can I start saving money with cashbox? 

Saving money made easier with this app as you can save unlimited amounts of money and earn annual profits.
To start your saving journey with cashbox, the first thing is to fund your cashbox wallet with any amount you want to start with, that is if you want to save your money to swift saving wallet. 
You can start saving from ₦100 to unlimited amounts everyday as there is no limit to daily savings.

To start your saving, login to your cashbox account and click on the saving button to enter and you will from there see many saving plans in which you can select your preferred method. 

• Target. 

Target is the number saving method shown on the app, target method enables users to save money consistently till they reach their targeted goal. And you can only withdraw once your savings has matured. 
Choosing this plan will request that you bind your bank card, because if you set to daily saving, the amount set will be deducted from your bank account daily to your cashbox account (target). 

• Regular. 

This is another saving method to choose, regular saving enables users to save whether daily, weekly or monthly to reach a particular goal. 
This method will require you to bind your bank card with cashbox, because the daily saving amount you select for regular, will be deducted from your bank account to your cashbox account, depending on how you set it to be. 

• Vault. 

This method enables you to lock money in it for up to 90 days. And you can not withdraw from it during the locked period. 

• Swift. 

This method enables you to save your money anytime either through bank transfers, this method does not really requires you bind your bank card. 
It features it own unique account numbers that works just like normal bank account numbers. You can get the account numbers and make a deposit to it at anytime and funds will be credited. 

There may be other savings methods in which you can choose.
And you can also access the opportunity of investing your money and earn profits.

App released date: 19th August 2019. 

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