Crazy drop app Review, is crazy drop legit or scam (see more)

Crazy drop app Review, is crazy drop legit or scam.

Crazy drop is counted among the popular fake apps on Google play because we haven't seen anything to use and qualify it as a legit app.
Claiming to pay users upto $2,000 under one hour, and for this reason the app is not to be trusted.

Using this app in order to get paid is a total waste of time because no one has been paid by the app so far. 
Everyone are looking for a trustworthy app and not scam. To fully confirm why this app is not safe, you should look at the following. 

1: High daily earnings. 

With this app you could earn upto 1,000 dollars daily just by playing the games. As a user of the app, believing that it will pay you, can you tell who will pay you such earnings?
It's a waste of time and data if you're playing the game and believing to get paid.

This app is not to be trusted for deceiving users, claiming to be legit, meanwhile it's not, it's so unfortunate that many are wasting time already playing the game and believing to get paid. If you're among those believing in this app, we would like to tell you that it's not going to work that way because no one has been paid so far and many users reported it to be a scam app.

Other things you should know. 

 How to play the game without wasting data.

There is only one way to do this, but honestly we can't find any fun in the game at all.
If you think the game is fun and love it that way, do this in order to be free from ads and in order not to waste your data.

1: Don't turn on your data connection while starting the app.

In order to save your data while playing the game, you should not on you data while opening the app, and once it loads to 99% you can turn on your data connection in order for it to allow you in. Once you are in, turn off your data connection immediately.

2: Do not click on any button while using the app.

The app has many tricks to push you to watch video ad in order to generate revenue for it which is so annoying. 
Do you know the annoying part of it?  - because it doesn't want users to gain from it but it wants to gain from users.

To be free from ads on the app, you are not to click on any button, pop-up or anything that floats like bubble. All those things are trick to push you to watch ads, and immediately you click on any button to claim an offer or anything, the app will pop up video advert which might keep you waiting from 1 to 3 minutes or 5 just to watch videos.

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