Daily post earn money app review, see if it's legit or scam.

Daily post earn money app review. 

Daily post app is a legit app to earn extra cool cash daily just by viewing and sharing things posted by others. 
This app is cool and real when it comes to paying users both locally and internationally.

Just like a social media platform, you can earn cool rewards daily by using the app, the app is real and user's trust for it is higher, and for that reason, the app is marked as a reliable app to earn extra cash daily from home. 

Supports all countries across the globe, does not matter your location, inasmuch as you're able to get the app installed on your device, you can start earning money just by using it and taking other actions. 

How can I earn money with this app and how real is it? 

Earning money with this app is made easy, there are many ways the app offers users to earn, depending on your hard work, you can earn as much as possible, the biggest way of earning money on the platform is by recommending the app to others and get paid more than other ways of earning. 
Although the daily earnings are limited, but that's never a problem, you can earn more above the limitation if you can refer others to use the app. 
Below are easy ways to earn money while using the app. 

Share video post: earn 4 points. 
view video post: earn 4 points. 
post video: earn 10 points. 

post image: earn 10 points. 
Share image post: earn 4 points. 
• View image post: earn 4 points.

You get paid for every activity you perform on the app. 
Though the earnings might not be much, but it's one of the easiest way to earn extra cash online. 
You should also have in mind that the daily earnings are limited, meaning that you cannot earn beyond 20 times of viewing and sharing posts. 

Biggest way to earn on the app. 

Other way you can earn cool and bigger points on the app is by sharing your referral code and inviting others to join. 
With your hard work, you can earn 100 points for every valid user who signed up using your referral code. 

Is this app real or scam?

We can not call apps like this scam, we didn't find anything to use against the app.
Despite that, the app does not request any money in form of deposits from users, so how then is it scam? This app is real and paying for now. 

Is this app paying users? And how can I withdraw my earnings from it?

As a user of this app, you can earn as much as possible on a daily basis.
To withdraw from this app you must at least earn upto 10,000 points which is the minimum threshold to withdraw. 
1,000 points gives $1.

To be able to withdraw your earnings, you must provide any international payments method that will be able to receive your earnings in dollar, e.g Google pay, PayPal, and any bank that can receive money internationally. 

This app is paying users, inasmuch as you have reached the minimum threshold, you can request your payment by providing your preferred payment details.

App Name: Daily post - Earn money. 

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