Earn-h4h4.beauty legit or scam? - complete review

Using this website for long time? Do you think it's legit?
Were you looking for a safe and reliable website to earn at least $1 daily and this website was given to you?
To confirm if this website is real or fake, you should look at the following.

1: High daily earnings.

This website is flagged as fake for promising users high earnings.
We can not say this is a website that will pay you your daily earnings, it claim to pay users upto $300 and above everyday.

New users get a $25 welcome reward.
Earn $10 per valid new user invited and users can also earn an additional $2 each time others clicks on their referral links, even without taking any further action. 
Earn from $20 to $50 per video users watched. 
Play games to earn $50 cash per game. 
And also earn from $50 to $60 to download apps task. 

Looking back to the daily earnings, users can earn upto $1,000 daily. So who will pay you such daily earnings if you are still wasting time on the site believing you will get paid?
This site is not to be trusted for claiming to pay users upto $300 daily. 

 Dangers of Joining this website.

1: social media account get banned.

Planning to become a member of the website? Or already a member? 
Joining this site may result to loss of your social media accounts because the site encourages it users to share their affiliate links everywhere on the social media which might be a violation to the social media network policy and might result to blocking you out. 

How can I withdraw from this website

We haven't seen any withdrawal slips from users of this site as proof that it is paying, but anyway, if doubting us is the only solution, we would like to receive feedback from you once you're able to cash out. 
The minimum threshold to withdraw from the site is $200. With our high experience, if you manage to reach the minimum threshold, the site will find one fault from you or the other just to stop you from withdrawing and if in luck you be able to place order, you might never receive any credit from it.

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