Earn money online - rewards app review, real or fake?

Earn money online - rewards app review, real or fake?

This app is not to be accounted among the real paying online apps.
In other words, we could say it's a fake app because no one has been reportedly paid by this app.

Were you looking for a reliable app to earn money just by playing games and performing online tasks? 
This app is not reliable in anyway, using this app in order to get paid could be a waste of time and data. 

To confirm other reasons why we say it's a fake app, take a look at the following.

1: paid people for positive reviews.

You might have seen many positive reviews about this app somewhere, claiming that it's paying, know that most of those positive reviews were paid for.
Downloading this app might results to a waste of time and data.

This is the app that claims it users will earn coins just by playing games, taking surveys and the rest.
There are nothing on this app except adverts, giving no other options for users to take actions other than clicking on advertisement buttons.
We didn't find anything to use and qualify this app in any way.

Is this app paying users for real?

We haven't seen any withdrawal proves from users. According to users, this app is not paying.

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