Easy earn money online 24hr app review. see if it's legit or scam.

We could say the app is legit in some ways, but despite that, you still have many to consider before starting to use the app or even downloading it.

Were you looking for a good and reliable app to earn little extra cash online daily?
This app here claims to be a legit app that pays, though the app may be legit in some ways, but what if after many days you finally get to see it as a time waster?

How reliable is this app?

The user's trusts for this app is not higher, are you planning to start using this app? There are more to have in mind about the app so as not to end up wasting time or feel cheated.
This is the app that claims users could earn points daily just by performing simple tasks online.

Ways to earn money on the app.

1: Daily login check: 10 points.

2: Spin wheel after every eight minutes: earn 5 points per round.

3: Watch ads to earn: 5 points.

4: Referral program: 

This is the biggest way of earning from the app, with much of your efforts, you could earn up to 100 points per person invited by you. 

How can I start inviting people? 

Login to your  easy earn money online 24hr  account and click on invite  button to copy your referral link. 

There are different places where you can share your referral link to get more referrals. 

1: Facebook groups: 

Facebook group is one of the best way of getting people to sign up through your referral link. Get to Facebook group and create a post, inserting your link. 
In order to avoid getting banned off Facebook, avoid sharing your link to comment sections and we recommend you sharing your link to groups like: "how to earn money online" and so on, because people in groups like that are use to clicking links. 

2: whatsapp group, Telegram group and Telegram channel.

We do not recommend sharing your referral links to other people's group or channel in order to avoid getting banned. 
The recommended way to promote your referral link is to share it to your own personal group or channel. 

There may still be many other ways to earn from the app that are not listed here.

How to cash out from this app. 

You may still find many other withdrawal methods to withdraw from the app, but the recommended method is PayPal.
To be eligible to withdraw from the app you must reach the minimum withdrawal threshold which is 25,000 point which is approximately $1.

How long will it take to earn upto 25,000 points? 

Many users see this app as a fake app due to poor daily earnings, looking back to the daily earnings at the beginning of this article, it might take you many months to earn up to 25,000 points.

Other things to consider. 

1: Too many ads:

Have in mind that the app generates it revenue from adverts to be able to pay it users. 
Planning to start using this app? Are you ready to watch videos in every step you move on the app? 
Have in mind that you might get to face some adverts that refuses to get off until you exit the app, and the worst part is that the adverts are videos. 

Do we recommend this app at all?

Using this app is highly at your own risk because it daily earnings seems too poor compared to the data you will spend on the app. It might take you days to reach the minimum amount to cash out which may result to seeing the app as scam.
We do not alway recommend free earning app or website to our users.

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