EasyEarn review, is EasyEarn.com.ng legit or scam?

EasyEarn review, is EasyEarn.com.ng legit or scam?

We found strange things on the app while going through some checks on it. Are you planning to deposit your 2,000 naira to start earning from it? How will you feel if after depositing the 2,000 naira but can't withdraw?
There have been similar apps months ago which ended up scamming users with this same format.
We can not tell you that this app is safe and if you doubt us, then we will be glad to get some feedback from you when you cash out from it. Below are some reasons why we say the app might not be safe for you to use.

1: High welcome reward.

This app promises each user a 9,000 naira welcome reward and request they should pay to become a satisfied member first before they can withdraw the 9,000 naira welcome reward.

Now, take a look at: according to the app, it main income source if from advertisers and those who wants to get followers and also when a new user sign up and upgrade to a full member.
Now, if 50 users sign up daily and receive 9,000 naira each, can you tell where the app will get such amounts of money to pay them all? So let's say the 9,000 naira reward it offer might be a trap to make you deposit.

Is there any withdrawal proves from the app? 

We haven't seen any sign that this app is paying users, making your deposit to the app is at your own risk. 

Is this app legit or scam? 

We do not have the right to say the app is legit, or the app is scam. The above reviews already stated all necessary things you needed to know about the app. 

About this app. 

EasyEarn.com.ng is a Nigerian app that claims to allow users earn money online by performing social media tasks like, following social media accounts, pages, liking of posts, commenting on posts, sharing of post, downloading apps, subscribing to YouTube channels and many other necessary things. 
According to the app, every new user receives a 9,000 Nigerian naira as a welcome reward.
To become a full member of the platform, a 2,000 naira membership fee is required to start earning as a full time member. 

Claims to sell social media followers and many others. 

This is one thing to know about this app, it claims to allow people buy as much as possible social media followers they want. 
Whether post engagement or any other, but we can not guarantee you any information about the app, meaning that if you're going to it to purchase social media followers or post engagement, you're at your own risk.

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