Etim games app legit or scam? - Review, collect 15,000 points now

Etim games app legit or scam? - Review, collect 15,000 points now.

Etim games app is a legit app to earn free money online in Nigeria.
You can now earn free legit money online without investing your own cash upto ₦500 daily, all for free.
Looking for a safe and reliable app to get paid for free without any investment? 
If yes then etim games is a good way out.

Knowing a legit app that pays is never easy, the bad part of all these free earning sites or apps is not getting paid after becoming a user for long.
Do you know there are many apps nowadays that never want users to gain from it except it alone?
If you're still finding it difficult to believe this app is legit, take a look at the following. 

1: Trusted by more than 20k people in Nigeria.

Sure, the app is real, the user's trust for the app is OK.
This is an app that exposes users to different ways of earning, this simply means you don't need to have any form of experience before you can earn from the app.
As a user of this app, there is no single day you won't earn money from it.
You can easily earn up to 1,000 coins daily when you determine for it.
In many ways, this app is not fake because many people trust it and left good feedback.

2: Exist for over a year. 

This is one way of seeing this app as a good one. For more than a year this app has been paying users. 
It is no longer to be afraid of. 
This app was released on the 14th of July 2021. 
Do you know that if this app is fake it wouldn't exist these long? 
There are many apps out there, most of them would never want to pay users, all they do is allow users earn massively and raises the minimum threshold higher so that they can keep using the app for long term, and once gotten what they needed from users they vanish. 
To clearly show this app is legit is by telling you how long it exists, it's an important part everyone wants to know. 
So if you have been thinking if this app is legit, the answer should probably be yes. 

How to unlock your Etim game banned account and How to keep yourself from getting banned. 

1: why do my etim game account get banned? And how can I keep my account from getting banned?

Etim game is legit, the app can never get your account banned for no valid reasons. 
Though we very well know that there are many in pain after using the app for long and after much efforts they get banned from accessing their account. 
That is why we're here to help you free from getting banned and losing your hard earned money. 
This app has an anti fraud detector system, this is why many gets banned when trying to use the app to cheat and earn more credits. 
Using the app to cheat is against the app policy and once caught it's instant account ban.
Users of the app are not permitted to create multiple accounts on a single device.
The app system has the ability to detect if one ip address carries more accounts, and once detected, it ban the ip address which will thereby affect all accounts that connects with the ip address.

How do I recover my Etim games account if it get banned?

We believe the only solution to this issue is sending an email to the etim games support team. 
That's if they may decide to help, if they refuses to help then there's no other way to recover back. 

How can I earn money from Etim games. 

This app exposes users to over 20 ways to earn free money. 
There're more than 20 ways you can earn from the app. 

1: quiz game: ( on mathematics, correct spellings and many others)

2: image puzzle. 

3: guess the word. 

4: Jigsaw puzzle. 

5: scratch and win. 

6:play easy lotto. And many more others. 

Note: there are some games that requires no coins to play while some you will have to pay coins to play and win big. 

There are different games to play and earn on the app, those games that offer free earnings can only be played once a day after you have exhausted all your chances of winning. 
But others, you will have to place your earned coins in order to play, just like betting and if you win you earn more but if you lose your coins gone. 
The games are fun and best for children especially the quiz and spelling games.

Other ways of earning bigger coins from the app. 

As a valid user of the app, you are qualified to earn more coins from the app by sharing your unique referral link with your friends to join the Etim games app. 

You can earn upto 250 coins when you successfully invited a new user to the app.
This is one better way and chance of earning big from the app. 
In fact you can even earn and withdraw without playing the games when consistently sharing your referral link to invite more people.

2: Watching video ads.

You can earn upto 50 Etim games coin when you watch ads. This is another way of maximizing your revenue. 
You just need a little time to watch video and get paid.

How to redeem you earnings from Etim games app. 

After many days of using the app, at least you deserve to get paid your rewards. 
To withdraw your earnings from etim games you need to install other app called Etim pay. 
Etim pay is an app that supports sending and receiving of money online. You can use the app to send and receive money across Nigeria. 

To redeem your Etim games earnings you must reach the minimum threshold. 
Log in to your etim games account, click menu but at the top left, enter and click on gift items, scroll to select the amount you want to withdraw, follow the instructions on the app to place your withdrawal order.

Coins conversion. 

39,000 coins give you 1,500  naira. 

65,000 coins give you 2,500 naira. 

260,000 coins gives you 10,000 naira.

130,000 coins give you 5,000 naira. 

26,000 coins gives you 1,000 naira. 

13,000 coins gives you 500 naira. 

What will happen if I don't get paid my coins. 

In a situation like this we believe there must have been something wrong with your account. 
Once you have followed up instructions accordingly, you will get paid.

Who can join this app?

If not mistaking it should be only Nigerians. 
You might earn smoothly on the app but might not be able to withdraw from the app if you are not a Nigerian.

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