Flashcash pro loan app Review, Is flashcash pro legit or scam

Flashcash pro loan app Review, Is flashcash pro legit or scam.

Flashcash is a new Nigerian loan app. according to this app, you can get upto ₦50,000 loan. 
Looking for a reliable loan app to get instant loan for your business? Were you planning to give this app a try? Are you sure it's safe?

Before using this app, it would better if you take a look at the following in order not to regret.

Is it safe to bind my bank verification number (bvn) to this app?

Do you trust this app and it management? 
We are unable to guarantee you anything about this app at this time. 
Binding your bvn to this app will give them access to verify your identity, like your legal name, real face photo, your financial status and many others. 
It's dangerous to expose your true identity anyhow. 
Though, as we all know, you might not get loan from the app if you refuse to give out your bank verification numbers (bvn). 
You must trust the app first. 

Is it safe to bind my bank card to this app. 

This could risky in one way or the other. Binding your bank card to this app will give them full access to withdraw your funds as a possession if you default them. 
You should trust the app first before taking any action that might affect you later. 

Other things you should know. 

This app was released on the 24th of December 2022.
For that, we are unable to provide you with the right informations about this app, so we advise you often check this page back because we're still working hard and will update this page as soon as possible once we get enough of what we are looking for.

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